Here are 9 legitimate websites that pay you to read emails.

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Why you can get paid to read emails

Before you check out which sites pay you to read your emails, you may wonder how or why they do this.

Basically, advertisers want new app users, people to watch ads, etc. So, they pay these websites for each video ad they watch, email ad they see, app they try, etc.

But, to get lots of new users, theses websites pay you a percentage of the advertiser revenue so that you'll be a lot more likely to participate.

This way, you make extra money, the websites makes money, and the advertisers grow their brands.

Now that you know how it works, here are the websites that pay you to read emails:



1. InboxDollars

With InboxDollars, you have the most options for making money other than reading emails. You can also get paid to watch videos, take surveys, do company offers, surf the web, and more.

You also get a $5 signup bonus. There are InboxDollars apps available on Google Play and iTunes.


2. UniqueRewards

At UniqueRewards, you get paid to check your email as well as watch vdeos, complete offers, take surveys, listen to the radio, shop online, etc.



3. InboxPays

This is another site that pays you to read emails as well as refer friends. They also pay you for completing trial offers (up to $50 per offer) and playing online games.



4. FusionCash

FusionCash is another site with a $5 signup bonus that pays you to check emails, watch videos, complete tasks, try out apps, play games, and refer friends.


5. Cash4Offers

Cash4Offers accepts users all around the world. You get paid to read certain emails, take surveys, play games online, and refer new friends. They also have a $5 signup bonus.



6. SendEarnings

Another Get Paid To website that offers cash for reading emails is SendEarnings. They also pay you to watch videos, take surveys, shop online and more on top of their $5 signup bonus.


7. UniqPaid

UniqPaid is another worldwide site that lets you earn money by reading emails, completing surveys, referring friends, referring advertisers, visiting websites, etc.

You also have the option to get paid via PayPal or Bitcoin.


8. Points2shop

If you don't mind being paid via Amazon credit, you might also try Points2Shop. They pay you to read emails, shop online, take surveys, refer people, do trial offers, etc.

You can be in the U.S. or U.K. to use this site.


9. DailyRewards


DailyRewards is another website that offers a $5 signup bonus. With DailyRewards, you need to be located in Canada.

It pays you to not only read emails but also to shop online, take surveys, play games, etc.



9 websites that pay you to read emails

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