Here are 10 side hustles from home that pay you well at $20 or so per hour.

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What's so great about these sites


These days, no job seems safe. On top of that, you can't hardly get a job because work forces on shrinking in many fields, qualifications are getting tougher to meet, and pay is not going up.

With these sites, you can work part-time with multiple websites or some cases full-time at just one. You can do this while making as much as, if not more than a regular job and working from home with flexible hours.

In most cases, you don't need a degree or extensive experience either. But, you will most likely be considered an independent contractor, so you will have to keep up with your own taxes in most countries.

Now, here are the websites that pay you well:



1. Chegg

At Chegg, you get to tutor students on an online, Skype-style platform. if you are an expert in a given school subject, you should check out Chegg tutors to see if you can get paid $20 or more via PayPal to teach online.


2. UserTesting

How does getting paid $30 or more per hour via PayPal to simply test websites and apps using a criteria that is already set up for you sound? Yep, I thought you'd like that.

At UserTesting you get paid up to $60 per test and each test only takes around 20 minutes. As a bonus, you'll get to discover all kinds of cool sites and apps before they go live.


3. TranscribeMe

If you could make up to $22/hour typing from home, would you want to? At TranscribeMe, you can get paid via PayPal to work from home typing what you hear in an audio file.

As a side note, make sure you know your WPM typing speed before applying at a transcription site. You can test your typing speed for free here.


4. Rev

Rev is potentially the highest-paying website on this list depending on what type of work you end up doing. They offer flexible transcription, caption, subtitle, and translation work.

They also pay you via PayPal. The highest paying work they have is for subtitling at $1.50 – $3.00 per video minute.


5. A Better Call

If you have more of a sales background, A Better Call might be a good fit for you. They pay you around $20 per hour to do telemarketing and lead generation services. You'll need two years of relevant experience to apply.


6. Blooms Today

Blooms Today is a company that pays you very well ($15 – $24 per hour) to do sales and customer support. You would basically help people order flowers online.


7. Blue Zebra Appointment Setting


Blue Zebra Appointment Setting pays you to work from home setting appointments, cold calling, etc. They pay you up to $25 per hour via direct deposit.


8. Scribie


If you like transcription work, Scribie is another site that will let you work from home and make up to $25 per audio hour via PayPal. Most files you work on will be 10 minutes or less.

Plus, you get a monthly bonus of $5 for ever y 3 hours you complete. Also, you'll have to take a test to prove your typing speed, accuracy, etc.


9. HireWriters


If you are a pretty good writer, you can get paid $20 per article or so for quality work. You will write on a variety of topics for different clients. you can also get bonus payments if clients really admire your work.


10. iWriter

This is another website that pays you to write articles online. They pay you up to $40 or so for a 500 word article via PayPal.



10 side hustles from home that pay well at $20 per hour

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