Who is Justin Bryant?

I am an entrepreneur, personal development strategist, blogger, marketing specialist, leader, student, fitness freak, car enthusiast and many other things. I am not a quitter, a procrastinator, a downer, an average worker, or anything like that. My goal is to bring prosperity and happiness to millions of peoples' lives by giving them a chance to make their own lifestyle.

How I Got Here

I was born in Dallas, TX. I grew up being interested in many things like sports, cars, architecture, art, music and other things. I always did well in school, but in high school I started to really get a different vision and understanding of life. I soon decided that having a job my whole life was not for me. I began to notice that the most wealthy people I had ever known were always entrepreneurs and the boss of their own business.

In fact, a lot of them never even went to college. This new found outlook really made me question a lot of things. I began to look at school differently and question whether what we were being taught was to be average our whole lives or to actually prosper. I began to realize that I was learning from people that didn't make much money and live the way I wanted to live.

I had always thought I would get a business degree. Up until senior year, I was so sure I would just get a business management degree and go get a job as a manager of some kind of company. Then I started to realize that unless I got a full ride scholarship, college would be very expensive. Even though I had support to help me pay for it, I didn't really know if it was worth the 4 years and tens of thousands of dollars. So decided to skip it altogether and do things my way.

After senior year, I graduated and went straight to work with my dad as a construction electrician. With my dad's high position, he got me a job that would just be an in-between income for a while until I figured out what kind of business I would get into. At first, I thought I would do cars. I used to watch Inside West Coast Customs and Fast N' Loud all the time and was amazed at how cool their job seemed. But then I realized that was a hard business (as well as expensive) to start, especially for someone right out of high school. So I worked for almost a full year as an electrician and fell into an opportunity in an online business that really intrigued me.

One of the wealthiest men I ever met was so excited about this company and he had done a webinar about it, inviting his brother's family (including my best friend) to watch it and I happened to be there. So I learned about this business on the webinar and decided right then that I would do it. I started blogging everyday, learning marketing and doing as much training as I could to learn the industry. I had always been good at writing in school, so I had a knack for it and got better and better at it.

Later, I quit my job and started working on the business full time. I put my heart and soul into learning marketing, blogging, social media, SEO, PPC, paid ads, emailing, etc. I started to make a little money and kept grinding and learning more and more. Later on I started mastering different strategies that most wouldn't take the time to learn. I did everything I did without a mentor or any personal help all that time and then finally started to really grasp the how to succeed online.

Now, I've written books, recruited 15 people a day into my personal team of entrepreneurs, and transformed myself into a leader. I help people become successful without going through the grinding and bumps in the road that I did by being the best leader I can be for them. Money is great, but it is all about the people and my team for me. I am always looking for ways to improve myself, make my team more successful, and improve more lives.