Here are 11 websites you can use to get paid around $50 per task that you complete.

1. Online Book Club

At Online Book Club, you can earn up to $60 per book review that you complete while also receiving a free book!

The first review you do here will just get you a free book, but after that, you can earn money on top of free books.

2. Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews is another site that pays you for book reviews that can cover many different genres.

Books are usually English or Spanish-language titles, so make sure you are comfortable with one of those languages before applying.

You will have to submit your resume, writing samples and a list of reviewing specialties to their editor to apply.

If you get accepted, you will be expected to write 350 word book reviews within 2 weeks of being assigned each book.

You can get paid around $60 per review.

3. Funds for Writers

At this website, if you are a decent blog post writer, you can get paid to write about the writing profession.

Here, you can get paid $50 for each original article and $15 for each republished one.

Articles should also be between 550 and 650 words, according to their guidelines.

4. Writers Weekly

Another site where you can get paid for articles is Writers Weekly.

Here, you can get paid $60 per post via PayPal that you get published about topics related to making money from writing.

You can also earn $30 for reprints.

Also, keep in mind that Writers Weekly is looking for articles that are around 600 words long.

5. Test IO

At Test IO, you can get paid $15-$50 via PayPal for each bug that you find on an app.

They pay you once per month and the more devices you have, the more testing opportunities you'll be able to take advantage of.

6. Respondent

If you are a business professional that wouldn't mind doing some market research studies for extra money, you can get paid $140 per hour on average at Respondent.

Here are the professions the site is looking for and what they pay is for each one:

  • Software developers – around $200 per hour
  • Marketers – around $150 per hour
  • Executives – around $700 per hour
  • Enterprise software user – around $150 per hour
  • Business owners – around $500 per hour
  • Sales and support – around $100 per hour

For each study you complete, you get paid via PayPal.

Also, Respondent only keeps a 5% fulfillment fee on the incentives you earn.

7. Rent a Friend

If you are an outgoing person who likes going places and meeting new people, check out Rent a Friend.

Here, you can earn up to $50 per hour to go to weddings, sporting events, museums, concerts, or to even give a tour.

They also have “Virtual Friend Services” now that include FaceTime, Zoom, texting, and many other ways of spending time with people during quarantine (because of COVID-19).

8. Handy

At Handy, you can earn up to $62 per hour for different jobs that involve helping people with errands or choirs around the house.

Here's a breakdown of some types of work you can do:

  • Cleaning – up to $22 per hour
  • Handyman – up to $45 per hour
  • Lawn care pro – up to $62 per hour

If you like this site, you might also check out TaskRabbit. It's very similar.

Plus, because you're a “freelancer,” you can work whenever you want and just look for jobs through their app.

9. Userlytics

At Userlytics, you can get paid $5-$90 per test on a website or app.

With these tests, you usually answer questions about the user-friendliness, layout, and other aspects of a website or app.

You can take these tests using a computer or mobile device and get paid via PayPal.

Also, you will have to be at least 16 years old to start testing.

10. WatchLAB

WatchLAB is another site that lets you make money by participating in focus groups.

These focus groups are usually city-specific, but also have quite a few nationwide ones that can be done remotely.

It's also teenager friendly with some studies allowing you to participate as early as 16 years old.

The range of pay here is usually around $60-$150/hour with an average of around $100 per hour.

You can see which focus groups are available by checking their Facebook page here.

11. Online Verdict

Online Verdict is a site that lets you get paid to participate in a mock jury.

A mock jury is basically a fake jury for a case that a lawyer can try different strategies with to practice for a real case.

This lets the lawyer get an idea if a jury might side with them or no based on a certain approach before trying it with a real jury.

These cases usually only last 20-60 min and you can earn $20-$60 per case as a mock juror.

You'll need to be at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen to participate.

Legit Websites That Pay You Money ($50+ per Task)

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