Transcription is another easy way to make money online without experience.

Transcription is when you listen to an audio or video file and type out what is being said and by whom in a word document.

One great website to check for transcription work is TranscribeMe.


All you have to do is listen to audio or video files that are 2-4 minutes long and type them out into text form while possibly having to label speakers.


  • At TranscribeMe, you can get paid $15-$60/audio hour via PayPal, depending on your skill level.
  • You can get paid weekly and start as early as 13 years old if you have a parent or legal guardian's permission.
  • Another nice thing about TranscribeMe is their clips are usually just 2-4 minutes long, so you don't have to dedicate huge blocks of time to it.


  • The main thing you'll need with TranscribeMe is a good WPM (word per minute) typing speed.
  • You can test your typing speed or train yourself to be faster at
  • You will also need to pass a skill test to make sure you are ready to start working.

    5 replies to "TranscribeMe Pays You $15-$22/hr to Do Easy Typing Work with No Experience"

    • sipho

      It’s my first time here am new on this site so fill my pocket with money please

    • Pedro Vieira

      Hello Justyn,
      Can you help me? I’m getting this message in my profile from Transcribe Me “Language/Accent knowledge needs confirmation”, and I didn’t find anything that I can do get it done.
      I already pass the exam and I’m stuck with this message…
      Any suggestions?
      Thank you
      Kind regards
      Pedro Vieira

    • Leonarda Daylusan

      Hello Sir Justyn, good day to you. It’s my first time here and I need more guidance, please help me. I have no experience as Freelancer. I’m a housewife with no work at home but I have a computer and an internet connection. Kind regards.

      More power,

      Lily from the Philippines

    • kiran riaz

      i need job and typing is my 4 year eperience .please tell me what i do

    • Beverly Bustillo

      Hello sir. . Can u help me to get a job because i want to help my family … I am willing to learn sir and i am ready how to work with any jobs.. Thank you sir. Godbless

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