Studypool is an online platform that connects students with questions with tutors who can answer them.

One thing you can do here to make money as a contractor is become a Tutor.

Tutoring at Studypool

Studypool is always looking for new tutors to help answer questions on a variety of subjects.

Job Description

  • Students ask specific questions about a subject, homework, etc.
  • Tutors provide full explanations and answers
  • Students and tutors communicate using a messaging platform
  • Tutoring sessions are 1 time/question-based


  • They say you can earn up to $7500/month but it can vary by how much you get paid per question and how much you work
  • Questions might pay anywhere from $3 to $40+ each
  • Studypool only takes around 20% as a platform fee, so you keep around 80%
  • You can apply from just about any country worldwide
  • They pay you conveniently via PayPal
  • There is a wide variety of school subjects you can tutor in
  • You can also make your own hours


In order to work as a Studypool tutor, you need to be at least a competent college student with a valid ID.

You need to show proof of your university ID or college transcript if you have already graduated.

Plus, you have to undergo Studypool's tests and pass them in order to be accepted.

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