If you want to work from home and do something fairly easy, without having to be on the phone with customers all day, here are a few great options to choose from:

Lyrics Associate at Genius

If you're a lover of music and want to do something easy, you should look into the Lyrics Associate position at Genius.

Genius is a song lyrics and knowledge site with tons of fans.

As a Lyrics Associate, you will get paid to transcribe songs into text.

You'll also be expected to edit and review community transcriptions for accuracy and completeness.

As far as requirements, you'll need to be good with spreadsheets and be at least 18 years old to apply.

You with gig, you can work part-time and earn between $10 and $15/hour.

Look for the Lyrics Associate job here.

TeleScribe at ScribeAmerica

Another fairly easy work-from-home job you can get is the TeleScribe position at ScribeAmerica.

ScribeAmerica is a medical scribe program for doctors, hospitals, etc.

With this position, you can work part-time and do things like:

  • Accompany the healthcare provider into patient examination rooms remotely from home in order to transcribe the patient’s history, physical exam findings, consultations, labs, X-rays, and other evaluations, as stated by the provider, directly into the medical record
  • Prepare plans for follow-up care, as directed by the provider
  • Process admitted and discharge paperwork, as directed by the provider
  • Provide advanced support to providers, including documenting phone calls, alerting the physician when labs/radiology reports are complete, monitoring document uploads, etc.

As far as requirements to apply, there aren't many.

You can get this job with a high school diploma or equivalent and reliable internet.

They also prefer that you can type at 50 WPM (words per minute) or better.

You can make around $10-$15 per hour with this position.

Look for the TeleScribe position here.

Customer Champion at Zapier

Another pretty easy position you can get from home is the Customer Champion job at Zapier.

Zapier is a web-based service that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use.

With their Customer Champion position, you can get paid as much as $30 per hour to do chat and email-based customer support.

It can make a customer support job much easier when you don't have to deal with accents, people not talking clearly, or getting yelled at.

They mostly just require that you have 1-2 years of experience in customer support, specifically working with APIs or in the SaaS industry.

On top of that, you actually get great benefits with this position. Here are the perks of working with Zapier:

  • Great healthcare + dental + vision coverage*
  • Retirement plan with 4% company match*
  • Profit sharing
  • 2 annual company retreats to awesome places
  • 14 weeks paid leave for new parents of biological or adopted children
  • Pick your own equipment. We'll set you up with whatever Apple laptop + monitor combo you want plus any software you need.
  • Unlimited vacation policy. Plus we require you to take at least 2 weeks off each year. We see most employees take 4-5 weeks off per year. This isn't a vague policy where unlimited vacation means no vacation.
  • Travel of 5% – 10% for company retreats which rotate to various cities throughout North America
  • Work with awesome companies around the world. We partner with great software companies all over the world and you'll constantly get to interact with people from these great companies

Look for the Customer Champion position here.

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