Here's how to make money on your phone doing nothing.

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1. Data Collection Apps

With data collection apps, you can just sign up, install the app, make sure it's enabled and collect your earnings over time. These apps are mostly made by survey companies that just want to better understand how people use their phones.

Some of these apps include:


2. Walking Apps

Even in today's tech-driven world, you would have a very hard time finding someone that doesn't walk at least a little bit every day. The problem is, people seem to be getting less and less exercise. But, this trend toward sedentary lifestyles has led to new apps that pay you just to move.

Many of them pay you to walk and some of them even pay you to ride a bike, lift weights, etc. Here are some of walking/exercise apps that pay you:


3. Lockscreen Rewards Apps

Another type of app you can make passive income from without doing anything is the kind that puts ads on your lockscreen. If you have an Android phone (not available for iOS), you can get free apps that pay you to allow ads on your lockscreen.

Don't worry, your time, date, phone signal, and all of that will still be on there as normal. Here are some of the top lockscreen apps:


4. Automated Investing Apps

The apps that will probably make the biggest financial impact on this list are the automated investing apps. Some of these apps let you start investing for as little as $5!

Whether you want to invest in real estate, stocks, bonds, etc., you can find an easy-to-use, low-cost, automated app that does it for you. Here are a few of them:



how to make money on your phone doing nothing

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      Many thanks Justin. Great video, very inspiring stuff – Not only a successful marketer but a genuinely nice bloke as well. We can’t really go wrong by following you in, Social Connecting and learning from you. Congrats on your success so far Justin.

    • Md. Shakhawat Hossain

      This is on the off chance that a very useful idea indeed to make money, yet doing nothing. However, it is not allowed to absolutely sleeping while making money, rather required a little bit of time/money investing in some cases. Wonderful technics.

      Thanks for this type of article.

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