Here are 7 easy, flexible side jobs you can do at home in 2019.

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Jobs to look for:

These same types of jobs are available around the world with the same company (Lionbridge). So, if you're outside the U.S., don't feel discouraged because you can probably get the same jobs in your country.

Here are the work-from-home jobs to look for:

  • Intent Judge – Help search engines by rating keyword and search term pairs.
  • Multimedia Judge – Review, evaluate and provide feedback on online images and videos.
  • Ads Assessor – Review the content you see in search results to improve their relevance.
  • Personalized Ads Evaluator – Help make ads more relevant to users and their searches.
  • Mobile and Desktop Internet Search Reviewer – Review websites and make desktop as well as mobile internet search more relevant and exciting for users.
  • Rater – Analyze and provide feedback on text, web pages, images, and other content on search engines.
  • Web Content Assessor – Help improve the quality of search engines and search results.

7 easy flexible side jobs you can do at home in 2019

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