Who doesn't love watching YouTube videos?

Although this fun pass-time isn't usually considered productive, there are actually ways to make money from it.

Here are 3 of the best ways to make money watching YouTube videos:

1. Watch on browsers that pay you

Instead of watching YouTube videos in the YouTube app or on a popular browser like Google Chrome, you can watch them on other browsers that actually reward you for using them.


For example, you can watch videos in the FullDive browser and get paid via Amazon gift cards, Bitcoin, Etherium, etc.

With FullDive, you perks like these:

  • Chat and comment on any web page
  • Chat, tag, and get notified on trending top news, right on the web browser URL
  • Add your social feeds: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube and top news & breaking news feed like CNN, FOX, & CNBC.
  • Fulldive Browser is connected to Fulldive VR, a social all in one VR platform, where you can browse millions of virtual reality videos, games & apps.
  • It is also a social platform where you can follow what your friends watch, react, and comment, and share your favorite reacted VR videos¬†
  • Enter a promo code that you have got from a friend and earn 2500 points. Referers also get 2500.
  • Enhanced with ad blocker, Fulldive Adblock and popup blocker blocks unwanted ads and trackers during browsing.
  • Adblocker blocks annoying pop-ups, banner ads, video ads and enables fast browsing.
  • Fast, safe & secure privacy browser with incognito private browser mode.

10,000 points earned on FullDive is equal to $1.

Here are the links to download FullDive:


With Brave, another browser trying to gain some steam, you can also earn money watching YouTube videos, browsing, or doing just about anything else you normally would on any other browser.

Here are some of the features that come with Brave:

  • A more private browser than Chrome
  • Pays you via Brave Rewards, where you earn 70% of what advertisers pay for ads you see. Earn Basic Attention Token crypto just for browsing
  • Supports Chrome extensions
  • Browsing activity stays on device
  • Personal data is protected
  • Browse up to 8x faster
  • Block battery-draining software
  • Privacy-invading ads that follow you around are blocked
  • Support your favorite sites and creators with your earnings

Either one of the browsers has lots of perks, great reviews from users, and allow you to make some extra money while your browse, watch YouTube videos, etc.

Here are the links to download Brave:

2. Rapidworkers

Another way you can make money online watching YouTube videos is by using a website called Rapidworkers.

With Rapidworkers, you can literally get paid certain amount of money to watch, like, comment on, or interact in other ways with YouTube videos.

You can also get paid to do things like follow people on Twitter, create an account on a site, etc.

Usually, you won't make much. You'll earn anywhere from $0.02 to maybe $2 for a quick gig that might take a minute or two to complete.

But, it is a legit option for getting paid to do simple things like watch YouTube videos or engage with a post on social media.

3. Traffic exchange sites

The third way you can make money from watching YouTube videos is going to involve you having some sort of online income stream.

So, if you have a blog, affiliate site, YouTube channel, podcast, etc., you can use this method to make money watching YouTube videos via traffic exchange sites or what some might call like-for-like sites.

If you have a way to make money online that you can drive traffic to, all you need to do is sign up for a site like Empire.kred and start watching videos other users post.

When you watch these videos or engage with other content, you earn credits.

You can then use these credits to run “missions” which allow you to pay people credits to engage with YOUR content.

This usually involves sending them to a social media post, video, website link, etc.

So, you can watch people's YouTube videos on Empire.kred, earn credits, and then pay people those credits to go to your page where you can collect subscribers, earn money from ads, earn commissions from affiliate links, etc.

You can also do this same method with a site called Viral Content Bee.

It's essentially the same process with a different site layout.

This method can actually pay you the most, depending on what kind of online business you have and how much you work it.

Here's a video that shows you the 3 methods mentioned above:

How to Make Money Watching YouTube Videos 3 Ways

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