One of the easiest ways to make money online on the side is testing websites for user-friendliness, bugs, and other issues.

Usually, you can do this without a degree, experience, or much skill at all.

Here are some companies that pay you to test websites:

1. TryMyUi

At TryMyUi (catchy name), you can earn $10 per 20 min. test that you complete of a website or app.

You also get paid conveniently via PayPal.

What's also nice about TryMyUi is you can test on your mobile device as well with the Android app here or the iOS app here.

2. UserTesting

Full UserTesting review here.

UserTesting is another similar service to TryMyUi.

Here you can earn $4-$120 per test.

You get paid $4 for every 5 min. test, $10 per 20 min. test and between $30 and $120 per live interview test.

You can get started as early as 18 years old, work worldwide and get paid via PayPal.

3. Userlytics

Another very similar site to UserTesting and TryMyUi is Userlytics.

Here you can earn anywhere from $5 to $90 per website/app test.

You can do this worldwide, as early as 16 years old as well.

Plus, you get paid via PayPal.

If you want to do testing on the app, here is the Android version and the iOS version of Userlytics.

4. Userfeel

Userfeel is yet another company that pays you to test websites and apps.

Each test takes between 10 and 20 minutes and can be done on your computer or smartphone.

You earn $10 per test and get paid via PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

Here's a link to the Android app and the iOS app.

5. UserZoom

UserZoom has now merged with UserTesting.

You can also earn $10 per test and $2 per survey while testing sites and apps for UserZoom.

Here, you can earn money online via PayPal as long as you are at least 18 years old (outside the U.S.) or 21 years old (in the U.S.).

You'll also get paid via PayPal.

6. Test IO

Test IO is a little different from the other sites on the list.

Here, you get paid $15-$50 for each bug that your find on a website or app, as opposed to just answering questions or giving your opinion.

You do still get paid via PayPal though.

7. Enroll

With Enroll, you can get paid to answer questions about websites.

The payout is reportedly $5 per question or so and the clients dictate what questions are asked.

You will also be paid via PayPal.

Make $20-$30/Hour Testing Websites Online at These 7 Sites

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        You just need to sign up at those websites and get approved to get started.

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