There is a strategy people on YouTube are promoting that can apparently make $700 or more per day just copying and pasting TikTok videos using affiliate marketing.

Here's how it works and what i think of the strategy:

Step 1: Create accounts

For this strategy, different people use different methods but most affiliate marketers use Amazon Associates as one of their main affiliate programs.

So, you will need an account with these companies:

  • Amazon Associates – for earning commissions on products
  • Pinterest – for driving free traffic to affiliate links (make sure it's a business account)
  • TikTok – for finding high quality content that can be repurposed for Pinterest (while giving credit to the creator of course)

Step 2: Research a niche

Next, you need to find a solid niche for your Pinterest account to specialize in.

Here are some of the most popular niches on Pinterest:

  • Finance
  • Motivation
  • Cooking
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Home Improvement/Decor

Figure out what you would like to post about, based on your interests, but also make sure there is demand for that niche.

You can use the search bar on the home page of Pinterest to type in keywords and see how many related keywords pop up.

If there are quite a few, take note and consider it as an option for your main niche.

You also need to make sure there are a lot of solid options for Amazon products to promote in the niche as well.

Step 3: Find content on TikTok

What a lot of people do that promote Pinterest affiliate marketing is they repurpose TikTok videos to repost on Pinterest.

Obviously, I wouldn't recommend doing this unless it was beneficial to the TikToker.

So, make sure you promote their TikTok username if you repurpose their video for this strategy.

You can find TikTok videos where people are reviewing the product you're selling, doing a how-to that could be applied using the product you're selling, etc.

To download videos, from TikTok for free, you can use

Step 4: Repost content with affiliate links

Once you have a TikTok video and a product, get the affiliate link by signing into Amazon Associates and using the Site Stripe at the top (I show you this in the video below).

Then, upload the video as a pin on Pinterest, name it with keywords that people can search for, and post your affiliate link in the “link” section.


You've created your first affiliate post on Pinterest!

Now, you just need to try and get one of these done every day and work on scaling as you go on.

Step 5: Scale using analytics

Make sure to pay close attention to your Pinterest analytics to see what's working and what isn't.

What gets measured, gets improved.

Make numbers-based decisions on what to stop posting and what to post more of.

This will help you make more and more money over time.

What I think of this strategy

I like the strategy in general.

It has potential to make solid, passive income over time with very little startup cost and daily commitment.

BUT, when people tell you they make $12,000/month doing this or $700/day or something, don't be fooled.

They probably don't.

AND they probably don't give you proof either.

It's clickbait.

You won't get rich overnight doing this, especially without an existing audience or paid ads.

BUT, it can make good money over time in a mostly passive way.

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