Here's an easy online gig where you get paid to listen to music.

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At this job, you will listen to music and transcribe the lyrics into text form. This just means you will listen to the audio and type it. You may also do some editing for other transcriptions as well.

You need to be at least 18 years old and have experience working with spreadsheets.



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    4 replies to "Get Paid to Listen to Music with This Easy Online Gig"

    • Onyinyechi Miracle Akachukwu

      I’m interested in this job and similar ones.

    • Charles Jarmond

      The Genius site is fun. I did my first proposal for lyric to a song. I like that you can sample artists not yet famous but may soon be. The German group Rammstein for example.

    • Antony Njoroge

      I want in…please help

    • Katie

      How do I sign up

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