Here are 5 easy businesses to start for beginners in 2019.

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1. YouTube channel with ads

One of the best ways to start a business is to make a YouTube channel that leverages your interests and natural skills.

Love gaming? Make a video game walk-through channel like theRadBrad.

People think you're funny? Make a relatable comedy channel like Jenna Marbles.

You'll just need 10,000 views and an Adsense account before you can start monetizing your videos with ads.


2. Twitch streaming

With Twitch, you can live stream yourself playing your favorite video games while also providing commentary.

This isn't limited to PC gaming either. You can also do this with Xbox and Playstation consoles.


3. Freelance writing

Robots and code are in the midst of replacing a lot of jobs that we humans do in the near future, but good writing should be safe for a long time.

You can go to a site like Problogger under the jobs section to find freelance, contract, full, and part-time jobs available for writers.

Also, you can try guest post sites and traditional freelance sites like UpWork.


4. Sell info products

One of the best ways to make money online is selling digital info products. If you know a lot about a certain skill, you should teach it through ebooks and online courses to make some good money.

Udemy is one of the biggest online course sites you could get started on. For ebooks, Amazon is still king.


5. Print on-demand goods

Another lucrative business that can be 100% run online is selling on-demand goods. Sites like Teespring and Zazzle can help you turn your creative design idea into physical products that you can sell without dealing with manufacturers, packing, shipping, etc.



5 easy businesses to start for beginners


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