In this video, I will show you 20 websites that pay you $50+ to write a blog post or article.

There are sites all over the internet that cover countless categories just waiting to pay for guest-written articles.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Here are 20 websites that pay you $50 per article:



1. FreelanceMom

This site is all about being a mom and working from home as a business owner.

Helpful resources:


2. IncomeDiary

If you want to write about making money online, get paid to do it here.

Helpful resources:



3. Video editing


Helpful resources:



4. The Work Online Blog


Helpful resources:



5. JustParents


Helpful resources:




As you probably guessed, this is a blog about parenting and family tips.

Helpful resources:



7. The Anxiety Foundation

Write about anxieties and mental illnesses here while getting paid.

Helpful resources:



8. The Atlantic

The Atlantic covers news, politics, business, technology, and much more.

Helpful resources:



9. BookBrowse

If you like reading and doing book reviews, write for this website.

Helpful resources:



10. getAbstract

getAbstract helps people learn about entrepreneurship by summarizing books on business.

Helpful resources:



11. Gothamist

Gothamist is a website that is all about New York.

Helpful resources:



12. International Wine Accessories Blog

As the name states, this is a blog about wine and different accessories for it.

Helpful resources:



13. New York Observer

New York Observer is another online magazine about New York.

Helpful resources:



14. Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine covers a little bit of everything like music, movies, beet, comedy, tech, politics, etc.

Helpful resources:



15. UpWorthy

UpWorthy shares stories that have to do with world events, culture, and more.

Helpful resources:



16. YourTango

YourTango is a blog that covers love and relationship advice for women in all kinds of situations in life.

Helpful resources:



17. Compose

Compose covers cloud hosting, databases, and other related subjects.

Helpful resources:



18. The Graphic Design School

You guessed it. The Graphic Design School covers graphic design subjects.

Helpful resources:



19. Big Grey Horse

Big Grey Horse is a Texas-based blog that covers writing, marketing, and socializing.

Helpful resources:



20. Cultures and Cuisines

This site obviously covers worldwide culture, food, and anything in between.

Helpful resources:






Robots may be taking over a lot of jobs but they still aren't able to write a decent article. These large and even small publications need writers to help them crank out more content and are willing to pay you pretty well for it.

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Justin Bryant

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      In your video, “9 Work From Home Jobs That Are High Paying in 2017”, you mentioned the Smithsonian as a resource for freelance writers. How do I submit a piece to them? They were not mentioned in your “20 Websites That Pay You $50+ to Write a Blog Post or Article” video.


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