Here are 17 apps that make you money for iPhone iOS in 2019.

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AppTrailers is an app that specializes in paying you to watch video ads about movies, mobile games and other things. They also have trivia questions that earn you some bonus money.


Not only can you make money watching videos with Swagbucks, you can get paid to take surveys, surf the web, refer people, etc.

Surveys On The Go

Surveys On The Go might be one of the more well-known survey apps that has been around awhile.


iPoll is another survey app that’s been around a good while and can be counted for making some extra money from lots of different surveys.


  • Pays you cryptocurrency, PayPal or rewards to walk outside.
  • Free version: 5 sweatcoins for every 5,000 steps per day.
  • Paid version: 10 for every 10,000 steps.


Bet on yourself to reach walking goals and compete against others. Winners split the pot.


With this app, you can earn money by shopping online at thousands of websites and getting cash back. They also have a decent referral program.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog pays you to go grocery shopping and scan your receipts. They also have little slot games that give you bonuses.


Ibotta lets you make money by grocery shopping, booking hotels, and scanning receipts. They also have a referral program that pays you.

Use referral code: hbabpjp

FeaturePoints (Full review here)

With FeaturePoints, you have a ton of choices for cashing out other than PayPal including Bitcoin, gift cards, credits towards games, etc.

They also seem to pay the fastest of any app on this list when you’re ready to cash out. Usually, they pay you within a few hours.

Some other ways to make money from FeaturePoints beside playing games include watching videos, shopping online, referring others, and taking surveys. The minimum you need to cash out is just $1 as well.

For 50 free points, use code E7KRRE.

FeaturePoints has a 3.8 out of 5 star rating on Google Play.


With Foap, you can get paid $5 per download for photos you took with your phone. It's one of the easiest ways to start getting paid for amateur photography.


Snapwire is kind of like Foap. This app lets you make money by selling photos without you needing to be a professional.

Slice The Pie

If you like music and fashion, Slice The Pie is an app that pays you to review both. They also have a referral program.

Field Agent

If you live near a major city, you might try the Field Agent app. It lets you earn money by doing odd jobs for small businesses like taking pictures of store shelves, giving feedback on customer service, etc.


If you're pretty handy around the house, you can earn money with the TaskRabbit app. You could get paid by people in your local area to hang up pictures, assemble things, clean, do yard work, etc.

Nielsen Mobile App

If you want to make a few extra bucks for doing nothing, the Nielsen Mobile App pays you just to keep it installed. It is a data collection app that allows the company to do big studies on consumer behavior.


MobileXpression is similar to Nielsen in that you get paid to just have the app installed on your phone collecting data. You probably give up your usage information to many different companies already without even knowing it, but at least MobileXpression pays you.

17 apps that make you money for iphone ios 2019

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