Here are the pros and cons, best practices and whether or not you should use FeaturePoints.

What is FeaturePoints?

FeaturePoints is a mobile app that allows you to make money from many easy tasks.

They have many different ways for you to cash out as well.

What does FeaturePoints cost?

It's completely free to get the app and start making money from it.

How do you make money from FeaturePoints?

There are 7 ways you can make money from FeaturePoints:

  1. Download free apps through their platform, try them for a few minutes and then delete or keep them.
  2. Watch videos.
  3. Take surveys.
  4. Shop online.
  5. Refer new users.
  6. Contests.
  7. Participate in offers.

How does FeaturePoints pay you?

They pay you in a variety of ways, depending on what you prefer.

Their payment options include:

  • Gift cards to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Starbucks, BestBuy, Walmart, etc. As of May 2020, they have about 35 gift card options.
  • PayPal and Visa gift cards
  • Bitcoin

How many points do you need to cash out?

The smallest withdrawal option I've seen is a $3 Dunkin Donuts gift card, which requires 1,800 points.

Given this information, each point is worth about $0.00167. Or, you can think of it as 3,000 points being equal to $5.

How much does their referral program pay?

FeaturePoints has one of the best referral programs I've seen out of all the apps I've found in the same industry.

It pays you 50% of whatever your referrals earn for life. This is what gives it more income potential than many of its competitors.

How fast does FeaturePoints pay you?

While you're usually promised to be paid within 5 business days of cashing out, I've always been paid in less than 24 hours.

I usually cash out via PayPal.

How much money can you make from FeaturePoints?

This depends on how you approach it.

If you just download apps, do surveys, and things like that, you could make $20-$30 per month.

If you focus more on referring new members, you could make $100-$200 per month with a blog or YouTube channel.

Best way to make money from FeaturePoints

Apps like FeaturePoints can work well if grouped together with other apps like it where you just get paid for doing tasks in your spare time that would otherwise be unproductive.

But, if you want to make the absolute most money from FeaturePoints, you need to focus on referrals.

First, you can start with 50 free points by signing up here or using the referral link: E7KRRE.

This will give you a head start on cashing out the first time. Otherwise, you'll start with 0 points.

Then, you'll want to create content online with a blog, YouTube channel or some other platform about FeaturePoints and how it compares to other apps.

Here are some content ideas:

  • Your own FeaturePoints review
  • Comparisons with similar apps
  • Top apps for different categories that include FeaturePoints

For information on this strategy here:

Pros and Cons of FeaturePoints


  • Easy to use
  • Pays fast
  • Many ways to cash out
  • Great referral program
  • Available for both Android and iOS
  • Lots of ways to make extra money


  • Is only going to pay you a little side cash
  • Points can expire

FeaturePoints overall rating by others

On Google Play, FeaturePoints has a 4.2 out of 5 star rating as of May 2020.

It has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating for iOS as of the same day.

Free points and referral code

If you get FeaturePoints through this link or use E7KRRE when it asks for a referral code, you'll earn 50 free points.

You'll also be supporting this blog and I will greatly appreciate it!

Who this app is best for people who…

  • already shop online and want to earn cash back.
  • try lots of apps and want to earn some money for downloading them.
  • create finance or app-related content online that could capitalize on the referral program.
  • have time to kill waiting in lines, sitting in the car, etc. where they could spend a little time earning extra money.

You get get FeaturePoints here and earn 50 free points if you're one of these people.

Who this app is NOT for

This apps is not for people who want to make a lot of money or quit their job.

Similar apps to FeaturePoints

  • InboxDollars (for getting paid to do offers, watch videos, take surveys, etc.)
  • Swagbucks (for getting paid to take surveys, watch videos, shop, etc.)
  • CashPirate (for getting paid to download apps) Referral code: VGEJHW
  • Rakuten (for getting paid to shop online)

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