Looking to get paid to do some coaching without having to start a business from scratch?

Here are a few platforms that allow you to be an independent contractor coach in different fields:


At Kickoff, you can get paid to be a coach that helps people lose weight, gain muscle, improve wellness, etc.


You get to have flexible hours by making your own schedule that also works with your clients.

Everything is managed through a convenient app where AI is built in to help you manage your schedule and clientele as efficiently as possible.

The app is actually highly-rated.


They actually let you train up to 100 clients at a time while working from anywhere!

You will no longer be limited to commuting and meeting people at a gym in public.

You actually train people by texting them or doing video calls.


  • 3+ years of 1-on-1 coaching experience
  • Current personal trainer certification or 4 year undergraduate equivalent
  • Extremely high emotional intelligence
  • Expertise in training and the human body
  • Ability to build a coach profile on Kickoff that wows prospective clients
  • Willingness to recruit at least 1 client yourself


They claim you can make up to around $100,000/year here or roughly $8,000/month.

The pay frequency is monthly.

According to reviews, coaches average around $25-$35/hour.


TaskHuman is another coaching platform that helps people reach their goals in a convenient way.

As a coach, you can help train people in fitness, health, sales, leadership, etc.


You get to set your own schedule and control how much you earn.

Obviously, you get to work from wherever you want as well.


You also manage everything with an app here while doing 1:1 video sessions with clients.

Their app is also very highly-rated.


  • Fluency in English
  • Own an iPhone or Android smartphone
  • At least 5+ years of experience as a professional coach (may vary by the type of coaching gig)
  • Industry certifications required
  • Preferred: Registration as an Independent Contractor


There are reports on Glassdoor of different coaches making between $26 and $50/hour.

One Wellness Coach said they earned $26/hour, while a Leadership Coach claimed they earned $50/hour.

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