Here are some top work from home jobs with no interview, resume or phone calls required:


Microtasking work refers to the practice of breaking down larger tasks or projects into smaller, more manageable tasks or microtasks.

These microtasks are usually straightforward, quick, and require minimal effort to complete.

They are typically small and repetitive tasks that can be completed in just a few minutes or even seconds.


Clickworker is a crowdsourcing platform that offers various microtasks to a distributed workforce of freelancers, often referred to as “Clickworkers.”

Here's what it's like to do microtasking at Clickworker:

  1. Task Variety: Clickworker offers a wide range of microtasks, including data entry, web research, content creation, image tagging, sentiment analysis, and more. The tasks can vary in complexity and duration, but they are generally short and require minimal time and effort to complete.
  2. Flexibility: As a Clickworker, you have the flexibility to choose which tasks you want to work on and when you want to work. There are usually no set working hours or commitments, allowing you to fit the microtasks around your own schedule.
  3. Platform Interface: Clickworker provides an intuitive online platform where you can access available tasks, complete them, and submit your work. The platform typically offers clear instructions and guidelines for each task to ensure accuracy and quality.
  4. Skill Requirements: While some tasks may require specific skills or qualifications, many microtasks at Clickworker do not demand specialized knowledge or expertise. This makes it accessible to a wide range of individuals looking to earn money from simple online tasks.
  5. Earnings: The payment for each completed microtask can vary based on its complexity and the time required. Clickworker typically pays a small fee for each task, and accumulated earnings can be withdrawn through various payment methods, such as PayPal or bank transfer.
  6. Task Availability: The availability of tasks can fluctuate depending on demand and client requirements. Sometimes there may be an abundance of tasks available, while other times, the task pool might be limited.
  7. Task Quality and Accuracy: Clickworker emphasizes the importance of task accuracy, as the quality of completed tasks impacts the reputation of the platform and the client satisfaction. Following the provided guidelines and paying attention to detail is essential to maintain a good reputation as a Clickworker.
  8. Community and Support: Clickworker maintains a community forum or support system where microtaskers can ask questions, share experiences, and receive assistance if needed.

Subtitles & Captions

Caption and subtitle work usually involves watching videos, transcribing what is being said as well as sounds being made, and then having the words pop up on screen as they are spoken.


At Rev, you can do captioning, transcription and subtitle translation work.

You get paid weekly via PayPal.

Also, you can choose your own projects here.

On top of that, you can apply to work from many different countries around the world.

According to Glassdoor, people make up to $30 or more per hour here depending on which types of jobs they choose to do and how fast they get them done.

Data Entry

With data entry work, you usually do a lot of typing.

Typically, you type some sort of information into a spreadsheet, database, etc.


TaskRabbit is normally known as a handyman, cleaning, and lawncare app that allows gig workers to help clients in their area.

They also have computer-based jobs like data entry though as well.

These jobs can be done from home for people in your local area at an average of $23/hour.

That being said, you can actually set your own prices here.

Also, keep in mind that they only seem to allow US residents to sign up and work here at the moment.


Writing jobs are pretty straight forward.

Some sites let you apply to be a freelance writer without an interview or resume as long as you pass some sort of skills test.

If you pass, you can starting earning money writing different articles for clients.


With Textbroker, you can get paid to write articles online as a freelancer without experience being required.

You can also get paid conveniently via PayPal.

With one article, you could earn anywhere from $5-$660.

Pay per article varies by word count and accuracy, but you can also get paid differently if clients specifically seek to hire you for the project.

Call Reviewer

Call reviewing is a type of job that resembles quality assurance.

This work is usually geared towards helping improve the customer service or sales process of a company.


At Humanatic, you can help review calls for clients that are trying to improve their customer service or sales call performance.

You can get paid up to $4.50/hour via PayPal and there is no experience required.

Also, you can get hired from many different countries worldwide and work when you want.

Ads Evaluator

An ad evaluation job typically involves searching different queries in search engines and then evaluating whether ads that show up in search results are relevant to what was typed in.

Telus International

At Telus International, you can get an Ads Evaluator job that allows you get paid to do exactly what I mentioned above.

There is no experience or interview required to get one of these jobs, but you usually have to study for and pass some kind of test before starting work.

These can also be offered in many different countries and languages around the world.

People on Glassdoor say they earned an average of around $30/hour doing this.


If you want a gig economy job to do on the side, you can do laundry for people and manage your work through an app like you would with Uber or DoorDash.


At Poplin, you can get paid up to $6000/month to do other people's laundry as an independent contractor.

All you have to do is wash, dry and fold laundry.

You can also get paid instantly or at least within 2 days.

To start, you will need a U.S. Social Security Number (for background check), access to a washer & dryer, access to a drying rack, clothesline, or something to air-dry clothes, laundry detergent, a car or some way to pick-up and deliver, a basic bathroom scale, and plastic bags.

Data Annotation

Data annotation is the process of adding relevant information to data so that machines can understand and use it.


At RWS, you can find Data Annotation jobs that can be had without a typical interview or resume.

They require no experience or phone calls.

You can also set your own hours as long as you are available around 4-6 hours/day.


Transcription refers to the process by which speech or audio is converted into written form.

Crowd Surf

At Crowd Surf, you can get paid to transcribe all sorts of short audio or video files into text.

There is no experience required and you can also work when you want, even at night.

They pay you via PayPal instantly when you finish a job.

Apparently, you can also apply from around the world as well.

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