Work from home without an interview while getting paid via PayPal at these companies:

1. Tutoring at Cambly

Compensation: $10-$12/hour?

Earn a weekly income while tutoring students from around the world.

Set your own schedule and work as much or as little as you want without the need to commute.

Connect with learners from 190+ countries, gaining exposure to diverse cultures.

Teaching English through Cambly makes a global impact by unlocking educational and financial opportunities for students.

The flexibility allows you to work from anywhere, accommodating other commitments like jobs, family, or travel.

No prior tutoring experience is necessary; a willingness to help students learn is enough.

You don't need to worry about lesson planning or correcting homework, as a pre-planned curriculum is provided for a more enjoyable tutoring experience.

2. Mystery Shopping at Call Center QA

If you don't mind being on the phone, you can work from home as a mystery shopper.

Mystery shoppers typically will go in stores and evaluate the layout and customer service.

When mystery shopping at home with a site like Call Center QA, you call these stores and fill out a sheet, evaluating their customer service.

At Call Center QA, you can get paid $5 per call which only takes 5-10 minutes each. You also will have flexible hours and weekly pay via PayPal.

3. Captions & Subtitles at Rev

Another online job you can do is create subtitles for videos.

This is somewhat similar to transcription except you have to make the transcript text appear in sync with when it is spoken in a video.

At a site like Rev, you can get paid weekly via PayPal to do this kind of work.

For captions, you transcribe text and sync it with the visuals and audio of a video. This pays $0.54-$1.10 per audio/video minute.

With subtitle work, you do the same thing, except you have to translate the text into another language. For example, if it is an English video, you might have to do Spanish subtitles.

Subtitle work at Rev pays $1.50-$3.00 per audio/video minute.

4. Transcript Editing at Scribie

At Scribie, you can get paid up to $20 per audio hour to edit transcripts that are generated by software.

It's a little different than the average transcriptionist job, because you are doing more editing than just typing everything out manually.

It saves you about 60% of the work!

You don't need experience or much of anything to apply.

All you really need is a PC, headphones, PayPal account, and good English comprehension.

Plus, you can get paid as much as daily because there is no minimum to withdraw earnings!

5. Lots of jobs at

There are many different independent contractor, remote jobs at that you can get without an interview.

Here's an example of a data entry position they had:

Online Research & Data Entry Assistant

Here is the description:

Research and Data Entry Assistants support's scaled email outreach effort to get out the word about our resources and product offerings. Our ideal data entry assistants are self-motivated and thoughtful with excellent research and critical thinking skills.

Project Description:

Research and Data Entry Assistants evaluate a variety of websites and find the best contacts for approved sites. Working on multiple, simultaneous projects, you would assess the content of a project's resource, evaluate provided websites as potential linkbuilding partners, and determine whether they fit with the project resource. You would also be responsible for finding the best contact for each approved website.

This is strictly a research role; this position does not require communication with external sites.

Required Qualifications:

Successful candidates for this role will have the following experience or abilities:

  • Online research
  • Content evaluation and website vetting
  • Access to U.S.-based websites
  • Critical thinking and evaluation
  • Detail oriented
  • English language fluency
  • Able to work independently
  • Responsive to project changes and feedback

Preferred Qualifications:

The following experience or abilities are helpful to have but not required:

  • BuzzStream, Smartsheet, and Microsoft Office
  • Data entry
  • Link building

We Offer:

  • Reliable Payments: Timely, reliable payments twice a month via PayPal. Work is paid hourly.
  • Independence: No waiting, no assignments, and a large library of projects for you to select from and work on.
  • Flexibility: Work from anywhere, at any time, completely online.
  • Supportive Staff: Access to a supportive in-house team to answer your questions.

6. Transcription at GoTranscript

At GoTranscript, you can get paid to do transcription work at up to $0.60 per audio hour.

You can apply from pretty much anywhere in the world and get paid weekly via PayPal.

7. A.I. Training at Dataforce

Dataforce is a branch of Transperfect where you can get paid to help train A.I.

They have all sorts of jobs available around the world that can be done online like Quality Assurance, Remote Interviewer, Audio Data Collector, Data Annotator, and more.

According to Glassdoor, you can earn around $26/hour via PayPal or gift cards.

There is no experience, degree, or interview required for most of their contractor positions.

8. Tutoring at Preply

At Preply, you can set your own pay rate and get paid via PayPal.

You'll get paid to tutor people in any of the 100+ subjects they support, including school subjects, language, hobbies, etc.

There is also no experience or teaching certification required.

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