Here are some of the best work from home apps that can pay up to $54/hour and give you lots of time versatility:

1. Toloka – Microtasking:

With the Toloka app or website, you can get paid to do all sorts of gigs like classify images, transcribe audio recordings, moderate comments, complete focus group surveys, etc.

Toloka is also available worldwide.

According to reviews on Glassdoor, people have averaged as much as $42/hour with Toloka.

2. Userbrain – Test Websites for Quick Cash:

Userbrain provides an easy way to earn by testing websites.

Simply spend a few minutes navigating a website and providing feedback.

It's a quick and straightforward process to earn extra cash in your spare time.

3. Clickworker – Versatile Online Tasks:

Clickworker offers a wide range of online tasks, from research and tagging to categorization and data entry.

The best part?

No resume or interview is required.

Payments are made via PayPal on a weekly basis.

4. UserTesting – Get Paid for User Feedback:

UserTesting pays you for providing feedback on websites and apps.

The platform welcomes users worldwide, and payments are sent weekly through PayPal.

No interviews or resumes are necessary to get started.

5. Telus International – Ads Reviewer:

Telus International has positions where you can get paid to review ads on your phone.

The purpose of the job is to make sure that ads in search engines are relevant to search results.

With these jobs, you can apply without experience or a degree, while also making your own schedule.

6. Gengo – Freelance Translation Opportunities:

Gengo offers freelance translation opportunities for those with language skills.

The platform is mobile-friendly, and you can work worldwide.

You have the flexibility to set your own schedule, and there's no need for interviews or resumes—just an application test to start.

7. Kickoff – Flexible Coaching Opportunities:

Kickoff provides coaching opportunities with flexible hours.

You can create your own schedule and work when it suits you.

If you have expertise in coaching or fitness, this platform offers the chance to earn substantial income.

8. TaskRabbit – Diverse Freelance Tasks:

TaskRabbit is the go-to platform for freelance work.

It offers a wide array of tasks, from data entry to home-based projects.

The platform is flexible, allowing you to work whenever you want, with no interviews or resumes required.

9. Rover – Pet Care Gig for Animal Lovers:

Rover connects pet lovers with opportunities for dog walking, cat care, and more.

If you're passionate about animals, this platform lets you earn money while enjoying time with furry friends.

10. Userlytics – Feedback on Websites and Apps:

Userlytics pays you to provide feedback on websites and apps.

Payments are made via PayPal, and the platform operates globally.

If you're at least 16 years old and enjoy exploring online experiences, this platform is for you.

11. TaskHuman – Coaching at Your Convenience:

TaskHuman offers coaching opportunities, allowing you to set your own schedule.

If you have expertise to share or enjoy helping others reach their goals, this platform provides a flexible way to earn.

12. Shiftsmart – Diverse Gig Opportunities:

Shiftsmart offers daily pay and a wide range of gig opportunities, from retail audits to customer service.

There are no interviews or resumes required, making it easy to jump into various tasks.

13. JustAnswer – Answer Questions and Earn:

JustAnswer is a platform where you can answer questions in your area of expertise.

You earn 50% of what customers are willing to pay for your answer.

Work at your own pace and get compensated for your knowledge.

14. Airbnb – Host guests:

Airbnb is a platform where you can rent out your home, cabin, spare bedroom, basement, etc. to people who need a place to stay.

If there are hotels in your city, there should be at least a little demand for an Airbnb where you live.

If you want to work from home and not leave everytime people stay where you are, you can just rent out a room for instance and just make sure everything is clean and up to standard for guests.

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