Here are 10 work-from-home jobs that are always available.

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Customer Support

Help people via email, chat, or phone with their billing, technical, and other problems. Try looking for jobs at VIPdesk.


Help close sales over the phone from home. Try a website like Blooms Today for sales jobs from home.


A fairly easy job you can usually find available online is a Transcriptionist position. This is when you listen to audio files and type out who is saying what into text form. Look at a site like SpeakWrite for jobs.

Coding/Web Development

A lot of very smart people say coding is just going to be in-demand more and more going into the future. If you get good with a few programming languages, you can help build software, apps, websites, and much more. Check out a site like Automattic for jobs in these fields.

Virtual Assistant

Another fairly easy work-from-home job you could do is be a Virtual Assistant. These jobs typically involve managing a client's emails, making appointments, doing online research, and many other tasks. Check a site like Belay Solutions for this kind of work.

Data Entry

If you're a pretty fast typist (you can check if you are at, you could probably find some data entry work online. Mostly, you would just enter some sort of information into spreadsheets or something similar. Zeitcaster is one website where you could find work involving data entry.


If you are qualified, you could teach school subjects online using a video chat platform to help students of many different ages. One place you could find work that pays around $20 or more per hour from home is at Chegg.


If you have more of a writing background, you could find online work as a blogger, proofreader, editor, or something else. Writing-related jobs are always in demand online. One place with lots of postings for these types of jobs is the ProBlogger Jobs Board.


Sites like forums, Reddit, social media platforms, or anything with a comment section typically need some kind of moderator to manage it and keep the peace. A moderator just makes sure people in an online community follow the rules, get the help they need, etc. For jobs like these, you can usually find something at ModSquad.


There are a lot of social media platforms and search engines with millions and sometimes even billions of active users. To keep these sites working properly, there are raters and analyst positions. These jobs can have a wide range of uses like testing apps and websites or making sure search results and ads are relevant to user queries. One website with lots of analysis jobs like these is Lionbridge.

10 work from home jobs that are always available

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    2 replies to "10 Work-From-Home Jobs That Are Always Available"

    • Graham Clark

      music, & videos, Data Entry, you’ve, got way to many options, great for seniors like myself, with nothing but time to spare, Thank you Justin.

    • Thomas Pinto

      Hi Justin,
      I love yr job reviews for WFH. I am a retired Engineer & was Dean of a Mgmt college in Mumbai till last year.
      But now looking for work from home- so can you be more specific for WFH legit websites for India (remote)
      suitable for senior citizens- maybe content writing/research/tester /Proof reader see if sites are user friendly for seniors

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