Here are 3 worldwide remote jobs with no phone calls paying up to $1600/week!

SEO Manager at Trafilea

Expected outcomes & responsibilities

  • Design, Implement and manage SEO Strategies with a quarterly roadmap.
  • Ensure compliance for SEO best practices execution and make sure SEO is considered in all decisions and marketing campaigns.
  • Work with the SEO specialist to specify, schedule and deploy SEO improvements and best practices on a recurring basis within our site structure.
  • Develop and manage SEO projects in partnership with cross-functional teams to ensure execution as planned.
  • Build strategic planning with the content team for new content on site and optimize existing site content based on competitive research.
  • Own SEO KPI monitoring results and sharing insightful opportunities with stakeholders.
  • Monitor the overall technical health of our sites by implementing improvements and providing recommendations to our development team when necessary.
  • Develop, manage and constantly improve SEO dashboards with the key metrics to monitor.


  • Strong communication skills for cross-functional collaborations
  • Great skills for data analysis and the capability to apply it effectively to real situations
  • Problem solving skills. Ability to look at every problem with fresh eyes and digging deep for insights and solutions
  • Ability to understand the big picture to proficiently anticipate challenges and identify potential opportunities for the business
  • Current knowledge of digital project management systems and tools (Asana, G Suite, Slack, etc.)
  • Proven ability to effectively lead and manage multiple projects simultaneously;
  • Strong structured thinking skills as well as a proactive attitude
  • Proven ability to prioritize, meet deadlines, make best use of limited resources
  • Fluency in English

What We Have to Offer

  • Proximity doesn’t influence productivity. As a globally distributed team, you can live and work wherever you want.
  • A rich experience including the opportunity to collaborate with world-class talents. Encouraging transparency and open communication to all.
  • A data-driven, dynamic, energetic work environment, full of talented, goal-oriented, and empathetic people working together to grow and develop both as professionals and human beings.
  • A safe space to be who you truly are. We embrace and support diversity, equity and work hard every day to keep becoming more inclusive.
  • Openness to new ideas and initiatives: You can always join a squad, tribe, or committee, start new ones. Bring your hobbies and passions and transform them into projects!

Database Reliability Engineer at Toggl

We are looking for a passionate Database Reliability Engineer to join the SRE Team, to help us maintain and grow the resources to deliver the best time tracking tool to hundreds of thousands of users daily around the globe. The salary for this position is €70,000 annually. You can work from anywhere in the world.

As part of the SRE Team, your main responsibilities will be:

  • Helping us maintain, scale and monitor our PostgreSQL Databases in the Cloud to achieve a highly reliable platform.
  • Working alongside DB and Backend Engineers to optimize our current databases.
  • Mentoring other engineers across teams to increase the quality of our product and translate business requirements into sustainable database solutions.

About the team

We are a global team of 130+ awesome people working from over 40 countries around the globe. We hire globally, you work locally—in the heart of London, a beach outside of São Paulo, or a quiet village near Florence, the choice is yours. Every few months we travel to meet up somewhere in the world and spend some quality time together. We place a huge amount of trust in our people, and we measure the outcomes rather than the work itself. Our values fuel our results.

Wonder if you'll fit in?Learn more about our culture

About you

We would love to hear from you if you are passionate about technology and enjoy monitoring, automating and creating/maintaining tools.

In particular, we are looking for:

  • Experience managing PostgreSQL Databases
  • Great experience debugging and improving SQL Queries;
  • Experience in Networking, Cloud, Security and Monitoring;
  • Knowledge of technologies like Bash and Terraform;
  • Collaboration, communication, and ownership are key from day one.

Bonus points for:

  • Knowledge of Ansible;
  • Knowledge in other areas, like Google Cloud Platform, OLAP, Orchestration, CI/CD, Prometheus and Grafana.


  • Freedom to choose when and how much you work—we only measure results
  • 24 days of paid time off a year, plus your local holidays
  • In-person meetups for team-building (expenses covered)
  • 4-6 weeks paid sabbatical (depending on tenure)
  • Laptop budget up to 2,500€ and it renews every 3 years
  • €2,000 budget to set up your home office and an additional €300 every year after 3 years of tenure
  • €250 per month for co-working space membership and/or internet service at home
  • €4,000 per year contribution to use for training, workshops, and conferences
  • €2,000 per year contribution for any equipment or services to improve and/or maintain your physical and mental health
  • Support for buying tools you need for doing your best work (even eyeglasses if you need a new pair)

Technical Support Advocate at QuickMail


💻 Work remotely, and join us for our yearly team retreat In Thailand

👐 Join a meritocracy, no politics needed (nor welcomed)

📖 We practice open-book management (understand how the business works and why what you work on really matters for our clients)

📚 We focus on learning and personal growth ($100/mo budget for learning/books/courses)

Company 🚀

QuickMail is one of the leading cold email outreach solutions for sending business-to-business cold emails. It is used by organizations worldwide to reach out to potential clients, generate leads, book meetings, and close deals.

Our clients are composed of Entrepreneurs, Founders, Growth Marketers & Agencies.

QuickMail was started in 2014. We are 100% self-funded and composed of a small group of highly driven co-workers.

About the role

As part of our Customer Support team, you’ll be the first point of contact for our users as well as prospecting users who have questions before signing up.

We pride ourselves to be highly knowledgeable support representatives, with a clear goal to find the best solution to help our users be successful (not just answering tickets).

Success is measured in replies to resolution, user adoption of new features, and conversion from free use to paid plans.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Solving the problem of our users with the best solution possible (including workarounds)
  • Developing a deep understanding of how []( works. You are willing to become an expert, knowing the system inside out
  • Guiding potential users through plan decisions and account setup to best find success in QuickMail
  • Writing technical documentation for our knowledge base
  • Investigate the user’s key objectives, and driving their adoption of [](’s functionality beyond the expected
  • Provide training and continued support through highly effective relationship management, centered on the customer experience
  • Develop a deep technical understanding of the email ecosystem (what is SPF, DKIM, able to read email source, know what is imp[acting deliverability…)
  • Creating bug reports to help the developers understand where an issue is coming from and how to replicate it


  • Always curious and going beyond the surface level of understanding
  • Comfortable giving feedback with the intention to help and receiving feedback without justifying the action behind the feedback
  • Can take informed decisions without waiting for a go signal
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • A fast and reliable internet connection and a good computer (at least 32 GB RAM) with a webcam
  • Demonstrate that you have great attention to detail by entering koala when asked what is your favorite animal
  • A fluent English speaker who is also good at writing (grammar, spelling, and punctuation)
  • Comfortable working in Europe or EST US time zone

Bonus points

  • Experience working as technical support in SaaS or other email software
  • Experience working in a fully-remote team
  • Experience in handling sales inquiries or business development
  • Knowledgeable in the email ecosystem. (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records, email deliverability, etc.)

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