Imperfect action is always better than perfect inaction.” This quote describes one of the biggest mistakes in network marketing. New business owners tend to try and learn the “perfect” way to do everything before actually taking action to generate income.


taking action now vs learning everything first


People usually have the mindset of learning how to do everything perfectly before actually doing anything. If all you're doing all day is training, conference calls, webinars and taking notes, where will the money come from?

Doing this and then complaining about not making any money is what 99% of network marketers do and it's time to put an end to it.

Here' A Few Real World Examples Of Why This Concept Doesn't Work

1. Going to college is a great example of this. You pay tens of thousands of dollars to go to school for 4 years to earn a bachelor degree to become somewhat of an expert in a certain field. You can't complain about not making any money as a lawyer while you are going to school trying to get a degree to teach you how it all works.

Then, after getting the degree you still have to get the job at the bottom of the totem pole and work your way up as you gain experience. In network marketing, people tend to have little patience and quit if they don't make money their first 3 months.

Yet, they treat their new business like school and do nothing but buy courses and do hours of training to keep preparing to make money without ever taking the action to make it. In this business, you don't have 4 years to wait and perfect everything before taking action, you must take action and apply as you learn.

2. Sports is another example of this. Lets say you want to be a basketball player. So by thinking you can use this ridiculous concept of learning everything perfectly before taking action, that would be like watching nothing but Michael Jordan film and studying his moves for months or even years.

Then, you assume that when you think you've finished all possible studying of Michael Jordan, you expect to go out on a basketball court for your first time and perform as well as he would. Instead, you would put up an air ball on your first 5 shots and completely fail as a basketball player, getting zero results. Why is this? Because note taking is no replacement for action taking.

You have to get out their, take massive action every single day to get the experience you need to get results. Whether it is sports or network marketing, experience and learning by doing is what gets you to your goals.

The Steps You Should Be Taking Action On Daily:

1. Train, but don't over-train. Go through 30-60 minutes a day of training in marketing and other business skills, but never exceed that.

2. It's okay to take notes. Take notes of what you learned and apply the strategies that same day to your business.

3. Take massive action on the right activities. Make sure you are taking action everyday primarily on income producing activities.

4. Be very consistent. You don't get results from working one day every once in a while. You get results from consistently working towards your goals each and every work day.

5. Model after the best. Do not copy the top marketers in the industry, but study them a little bit everyday and model your business aspects after theirs to get similar results. Don't try and reinvent the wheel. Do what works.

6. Tweak and apply as you go. The secret to making money quickly in network marketing or any business online, is to start taking action right away, while applying what you learn and tweaking your mistakes as you go.


If you want to fail, make no money, get frustrated and quit, then please, by all means, do what everyone else does and try to learn everything before taking any action.

But, if you want those big results, to reach your income goals, to build an online empire and to start making some money as soon as possible with your new business, then apply what I've taught you and go take action right now while tweaking as you go. You will thank me later for stressing this to you.


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