Procrastination is a growing problem in today's world. Technology temps us to get lazy and spend more time on our phones and video game systems than actually getting work done.

It's time learn how to stop procrastinating, so that you can turn it off like a light switch and increase your home business production dramatically overnight.


how to stop procrastinating

How To Stop Procrastinating Forever

1. Eliminate distractions around you no matter what they are. Check out a great post on how to stay focused and eliminate distractions here. Whether you need to put your phone away or isolate yourself while you work, you must do what you have to do to succeed.

2. Create motivation to keep you going. Motivation will make you want to work and get things done. One thing that helps is when you set goals and plan out a reward for yourself when you hit those goals. A little motivation and something to look forward to goes a long way.

3. Set a specific deadline. Overcome procrastination by putting a little pressure on yourself to meet your deadline. This may be hard when you are in network marketing or any home based business, but to succeed, you must hold yourself accountable to your deadlines.

One way to do that is have someone else help keep you accountable by telling them you will have work done for them to look at by a certain date.

4. Break up your work into steps. Don't make yourself feel like you have to get everything done in one day. If you break it up into manageable steps, you will be able to complete tasks and be productive each day while working towards the ultimate goal.

5. Change up your work environment. Does your home office make you want to be productive or be lazy and watch TV or take a nap? Dedicate your work space to nothing but work and productivity, so that when you enter that work space, all you want to do is produce results in your business.

6. Make your work easy to duplicate. Outsource what you don't like doing or aren't good at. Build and use systems to speed up the progress of daily income-producing tasks.

If you can develop a daily work routine that proves to get you results in your home business, it will be easier to stay consistent and stop procrastinating. People don't like to break their routines, so develop one that's productive and eliminates procrastination.

7. Use the Seinfeld method to end procrastination. did a great article on a very famous and successful comedian named, Jerry Seinfeld. What Seinfeld would do to make sure he always came up with new jokes is to get a big calendar with the whole year on one page and put it on the wall.

Then, he would put an “x” on each day only after he had done is daily writing to help develop jokes. Read the full article here.


Use these tips on how to stop procrastinating, so that you can increase your production in your network marketing or other home business. Being consistent and taking action is the key to all success and procrastination is one of the number one mistakes you can make to keep that from happening. Overcome your procrastination struggles today and don't look back. For more of my 30 network marketing mistakes, go here.


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