If you like to multitask, you are hurting your production in your business. Studies show that people tend to think that they are being efficient and get a sense of fulfillment when doing multiple things at one time.

But in reality, all you're doing is distracting yourself from staying focused on your work.


how to stay focused


Distractions are extremely hard to avoid when you are a new or even experienced home business owner. You must learn to stay focused on your work to achieve your goals or you will never get anything done.

Sure you may think working on your blog, while watching TV, while texting is efficient and productive, but your quality of work takes a significant plunge, which means less money will be made.

How To Stay Focused While Working From Home

1. Eliminate distractions completely. One thing that helped me was putting my smart phone in the other room while I worked. I also keep the remote for my TV as far away as possible so that I am not tempted to turn it on.

Even closing the door to my home office helped my production quite a lot by getting rid of the distractions of people and animals in the house running around and making noise.

2. Know exactly what you're working for. You should have a clear intention of what you want to accomplish each day when you turn on your computer and get ready to start working. You should also have an ultimate goal to work towards, so that your motivation is always high.

3. Multi-tasking is for failures. One of the best ways to stay focused on your work and be more productive is to stop trying to do multiple things at one time. Even if you are just trying to do multiple business tasks, the more tasks you try to do at one time, the lower the quality of your work.

4. Being half asleep won't help you concentrate. Make sure you actually get plenty of sleep the night before. If you keep nodding off, all you'll be thinking about is your bed, instead of your work.

5. Eat a lot of fruit. You'll find that if you start eating more fruit throughout the day, that you'll feel more energetic. It's the healthiest way for you to stay focused by keeping your energy level up.

6. Get something to drink. Nothing alcoholic is going to help you get more work done, but coffee and green tea are good for helping you keep your energy levels up as well. Don't overdo it on the caffeine though.

7. Take a break. Working yourself to death won't do you any good, so give yourself a little break every few hours to gather your thoughts, get your mind off of work and relax a little. You always want to feel your best so you can get your best work done.

8. Prioritize your tasks on a to-do list. If you know exactly what needs to be done that day and have the most important tasks at the top of the list of what to do first, you will be more focused on getting done what you need to get done instead of being scatter-brained, trying to remember what you need to do.


One of the hardest parts of working from home is trying to avoid distractions and stay focused on your work throughout the day. Do whatever you have to do to concentrate on your important business tasks and if you have problems with productivity, pinpoint them and fix them as soon as possible. To see what other mistakes network marketers make, go here.


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