Do you really need a mentor in network marketing or any other home based business?

This is video 1 of my 30 video series called, “30 Network Marketing Mistakes” and in this video, I'm talking about whether or not you actually need a personal mentor in network marketing or any home business.


do you need a mentor


The fact is that there is a very large learning curve when you are first becoming a new business owner and one of the very best ways to shorten it as much as possible is to have a mentor who can really understand your situation and guide along the way.

It's very tough to be successful if you are completely on your own. Although many have done it, including myself, it is a longer and tougher road for you to figure everything out yourself, not having anyone to talk to or ask questions about your business.

I see this mistake made by countless network marketers and they usually end up quitting within a few months because they don't actually have that person in their life to as questions about different aspects of their business.

What Traits Do You Look For In A Good Mentor?

A few things really define a good mentor in network marketing:

1. They are successful right now and aren't just some has-been that was only successful at one time years ago.

2. They are experienced and have seen just about everything the network marketing industry can throw at you.

3. They are accessible and are actually willing to talk to you one on one on a regular basis to help you.

4. They care about your results.

If you can find these 4 traits in a person that is willing to mentor you, then you've definitely hit the jackpot. You need someone who you can talk to about problems you may have or just get guidance from on a regular basis.

Preferably, you want to focus on finding a person that is successful right now in the industry and is still a business owner in network marketing. You don't want some retired marketer that doesn't know anything about how the internet has changed.

Look for someone who is active in the industry and is always adapting and tweaking strategies with the changing world around them. Go with the trends and the modern strategies that are working the best. Your mentor needs to be an expert in this area.

Don't forget the importance of experience as well. Mentors that aren't experienced in internet marketing probably will get stumped just like you and then neither of you will know what to do. There's no better teacher than experience.

And if they care about you and your results, they will definitely be willing to help you and even get on the phone with you to talk about what your plan of action should be. Show them your dedication and hard work ethic, and they will see your potential.


In network marketing or any other home based business, you need to have  a mentor that can guide you to reach your goals faster. Don't ever feel like you have to do everything by yourself. Go out there, find some people that have what you want and know what they are doing and reach out to them.

You never know who could agree to be your personal mentor. If you don't have a mentor yet, contact me and I'll do my best to help you out.


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