Over 90% of direct sales marketers don't make enough money online to support themselves. Here's 10 direct sales marketing tips for creating fast and lasting results online…


10 direct sales marketing tips

1. Grow Your Brand Using Social Media

In direct sales, your personal brand is very important. You have to give people a reason to join you over anyone else in the industry. Using social media, you can expose your brand to millions of people and build a lasting following.

To do this, grow your Linkedin, Google+, Facebook and Twitter followings by at least 5 people per day each.


2. Content

Post at least one new piece of content per day. Content is what will get you a massive long term following and give you unlimited organic traffic. Content includes: blogs, podcasts, videos, social media posts, slideshare presentations, etc.


3. Build A List

The money is in the list. If you aren't building an email list, I suggest you get on it because this is what allows you to make a lot of money no matter what company or product you are promoting. Collect emails in return for a valuable free ebook, report, etc. that helps your target audience.


4. Do Not Spam Or Pitch People

This is how you get blocked, kicked off social media, penalized in Google, etc. People and businesses hate spammers. People also hate being given the hard sell.

“People love to buy, but hate to be sold.”

Remember that quote when you go out trying to get new sales. Learn to attract people to you and make them curious about what you offer and you won't need to sell anything. They will sell themselves.


5. Reinvest 20% Of Your Earnings

Free traffic through blogs, social media, videos, etc. is great, but usually takes a while to kick in and make you enough money to pay the bills. This is why you need to learn to set aside 20% of what you earn online in your business and invest that in paid ads.

Whether you use a traffic broker or do your own traffic through PPC, solo ads, etc., you need to be growing your business each month with advertising. This is how all the biggest companies entrepreneurs make their money grow.



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6. Always Be Learning

The amount of money you make is a direct correlation to how much value you provide to the world. How can you keep providing value and making more money if you have nothing to offer because of a lack of education?

You must stay ahead and keep learning new tricks to help you make more money and help others get what they want.


7. Read On A Daily Basis

Reading is essential to growing your knowledge and developing yourself into the best version of yourself.

“Successful people are the ones with bigger libraries than their televisions.”

– Jim Rohn

I recommend reading around 30 minutes per day of marketing, sales, persuasion, and self development books. Think And Gr0w Rich, The Law Of Success and Rich Dad Poor Dad are just a few great books you can start with.


8. Have A Clear Vision

Always know exactly what you're working towards. If you don't have specific goals or visions of what you want to accomplish and why, you will become a procrastinator and eventually not ever want to get your work done.


9. Consistently Take Action

Don't spend an entire work day screwing around customizing your blog's header or something. I used to get caught up doing stupid stuff like this when I started out as an entrepreneur and it didn't help my results much.

You have to not only take action on a consistent basis, but you need to focus on income producing activities. These activities must be the core strategies you practice daily because they are the ones that will get you sales the fastest.


10. Have A Conversation

Have you ever noticed that a lot of “marketers” tend to go around sending people a copy and paste pitch with an affiliate link all the time? These people are amateurs and I guarantee they aren't getting hardly any results doing this.

When you go around spamming and making it clear that all you care about is sales, people won't want anything to do with you. Instead, talk to people casually each day just like you're two people at a party or something.

Usually that person will ask you about what you do or you can ask them and then you can start discussing how you may be able to help them. Do this with about 20-30 people a day to get good results in any company.



In direct sales, many people fail because it is hard to teach yourself how to be a good business owner without prior experience. You need help and training that will show you what to do and what not to do.

With these 10 tips, you can start to build up a good income and you'll know how to make it last. Always remember… It's about how your business can HELP people, not SELL people.


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We'll go over exactly how you can copy our simple, online business model that has made $3,000+ per day for countless people. 

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