Linkedin Publishing is a great way for marketers and other professionals to grow their following, build a brand and add value to their audiences. Here are 18 Linkedin Publishing Tips for making the most of this powerful social media platform.


18 Linkedin Publishing Tips

1. Repurpose

Use your blog posts as Linkedin posts. Copy part of it and paste it in Linkedin, then add a [Read more here] link so they can go back to your blog to finish it.


2. Promote Your Video

Youtube is a great content site and is the second largest search engine in the world. When you make videos for your channel, take the video and embed it into a Linkedin post to get more views, likes and subscribers.

Add a short bit of text under the video before publishing.


3. Use An Image

This may seem like an obvious tip, but images need to be used in articles. Not many pro bloggers go without a related, attention-grabbing image at the top of each post. You need to make people curious about your posts on Linkedin.


4. Use A Great Headline

SEO is somewhat of a dying art these days and more and more content writers are focusing on attention-grabbing headlines. Include numbers, lists, how-to’s, etc. in your Linkedin Publishing to make people want to read.


5. Make It Readable

Have you ever seen a post in the Google results that had massive paragraphs full of what seemed like a thousand words each? They’re intimidating. And if you’re like me, you click the back button when you see them.

Use small paragraphs in your Linkedin articles.


6. Link To A Capture Page

Obviously, different people have different goals for their Linkedin Publishing, but when hundreds or thousands of professionals see your articles, you need to get something out of it. Have links to a good capture page related to the content throughout the article.


7. Have A Call To Action

Usually when you write content, you have something in mind that you want readers to do. They can’t read your mind. Tell them what to do next at the end of the post, whether it is to click a link to read more, download your ebook, visit your blog for more articles, etc.


8. Build Your Linkedin Audience

What good is content if it isn’t read? Add a few new Linkedin connections a day to ensure that more and more people are always seeing your articles. Make sure you are connecting with the right people that would be interested in your articles though.



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9. Share Your Linkedin Content

Have a bigger Facebook or Twitter following than you do on Linkedin? Whether you do or don’t, you still should share your Linkedin posts using all the share buttons they give you. This will attract a bigger professional audience to start reading your articles.


10. Use The Right Topics

Linkedin is a network of professionals, so they're going to be more inclined to read about more professional topics as opposed to others. Notice the amount of shares your posts get and stick to similar topics to what gets the most shares.


11. Tell People About Your Posts

One great strategy to raise awareness about posts and increase followers is to personally message some of your Linkedin connections about how you wrote an article about a topic you think they might find interesting or to just let them know about your regular articles so they might follow you.


12. Publish On The Best Days

Linkedin readers tend to share posts a lot more on weekdays as opposed to weekends. Shares are highest on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


13. Publish At The Right Times

The best times to publish articles on Linkedin for the most exposure seem to be:

  • Around 7-8AM
  • Around 11:30AM-12:30PM
  • Around 4PM

People are not really on Linkedin after work hours, so keep that in mind when publishing.


14. Study The Best

It’s never a bad idea to model after what works for others, as long as you don’t completely copy them. Look up the top Linkedin publishers and take some notes on what they’re doing. Then, implement and see what results you get.


15. Quality Content Is King

Just like with any content, keep it high quality. Write about what your target audience would want to know about and make it informative and interesting. Give value and you shall receive. This is how large followings and empires are built.


16. Be Consistent

It’s not what you do every once in a while that gets you the results, it is the actions you take on a consistent basis. Publish at least 3 days a week. The best blogs always have lots of articles being written consistently every week.


17. Do Not Use Big Words

People prefer articles that are easy to read. You can use the Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease Test to help you determine if you need to make your content more understandable for your audience.


18. Not Too Hot Or Cold = Perfect

Controversy may work somewhere, but not on Linkedin. Keep it neutral.



If you are not taking advantage of the Linkedin Publishing Platform, you're missing out on a great way to build your brand, generate more traffic and give value to your audience. Do you use it?


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