If you're a blogger like me, you are always looking for more traffic and exposure for your posts. Recently, Linkedin unveiled something that would change the way bloggers look at the professional social media platform. A little thing called the Linkedin publish platform is now available for the content marketers of the world.

Many bloggers have had to rely on Twitter, Facebook, email lists, and organic search engine traffic (if you're lucky enough to rank your posts) to get people to their blogs. Although you could post status updates to Linkedin, it never really was a top resource for bloggers unless you had a popular group.

When Linkedin expanded its publishing platform, it created a whole new source of traffic and brand awareness.



What Is Linkedin's Publishing Platform?

With this platform, you can now post full pages of content on Linkedin and use it as your own version of a social media blog, or use it to promote your WordPress or other blog that is already established. Popular bloggers like Jeff Bullas have now been taking advantage of this new wave of traffic to take their existing blog to the next level.

When you start publishing posts on Linkedin, your connections become your blog followers. As you build connections, you can also gain followers (kind of like Twitter) of your blog so that they can get updates every time you post something new.

Content marketing is still alive and well, so if you want to promote your blog or start one to build your global brand, you want to start setting this platform up and using it right away.



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How To Start Publishing On Linkedin

First make sure that your account on Linkedin is eligible for publishing and go to your “Home” page when you are signed in. Then look at the area where you would usually post an update and look for a pencil. It will say “create a post” when you hover the cursor over it.

Screenshot (20)_opt

Then click on the pencil and you'll be taken to the post creation page where you start writing your post.

Come up with a good title that will make people want to read and write a full post if you don't have another blog, or you can copy the first few paragraphs of an existing blog post, paste it and put a link at the bottom for people to keep reading.

A lot of bloggers, I've noticed, are publishing the first part of their blog posts and then linking back to the original post at the end using a call to action similar to this:

Click Here To Continue Reading

If you do this, just make sure you have the link embedded in the call to action or following right after it.



As a content marketer, you always need to be consistently publishing and finding new ways to expand your influence. The Linkedin publishing platform is one of the best ways to do this.

Keep growing your followers and posting great content on Linkedin's publishing platform and you will definitely see an increase in valuable connections, brand awareness and a traffic spike on your existing blog.


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      Thanks for sharing..! Actually, I used linkedin for long time ago but I did not active on that platform since it gave me less traffic. However, you post made me change some opinion and I am going to turn back to linkedin and check some of those feature. That found interesting to me

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