If you're a network marketer and not building an email list, you better start rethinking your strategy. People that don't build a list tend to fail in any industry of business, especially marketing.


11 reasons you should be building an email list

If you're not building an email list and you're driving traffic, than they must be going straight to sales page when you try and get sales. This isn't smart because if they don't buy it right away, they probably will not be back. If you collect their email, you can consistently email them value and opportunities to make purchases.

If you aren't driving traffic online for your business, then you must be relying on social media to get sales in network marketing. This can work, and for some distributors, that is all they do. But, it's a long process when you have to go through and find the right people, build rapport with them and then talk to them about the business every time.

It's not a good long term strategy and you will never have the luxury of working only a couple hours a day like those of us who drive traffic and collect leads.

11 Reasons Why You Should Be Building An Email List

1. It helps you be less reliant on any one company. If you have a massive list of targeted leads, it doesn't matter if you switch companies, decide to sell your own products, etc., because you will be able to get sales on demand from a percentage of your large list each day that you market to them.

2. You don't have to worry about them buying the first time they see a sales page. This way you can build a trust with your leads and they can buy when they're ready.

3. You make more money. It takes the average prospect about 7 times of seeing a deal before they take it, so if you can collect their email, you can get more sales overtime.

4. Collecting emails helps you scale up your business. By collecting leads and testing conversion numbers, you can predict how much money will be made and how to increase numbers to make more. It's all just a numbers game.

5. Helps you drive traffic to blog posts. Building a blog is one of the best things you can do for your brand and your business. Having a high ranking blog on Google is one of the best long term assets you can have and to get it to a very high level, you need to have a lot of traffic coming to it.

Sending emails about new blog posts can drive traffic from your leads to it and help build it up.



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6. It can help you build a Youtube channel. A popular Youtube channel is a very valuable asset, much like a good blog. But, just like a blog, you need the traffic to help with the popularity of it. It also will help you rank your videos not only in Google search, but in Youtube's search engine as well.

7. It helps prospects have the chance to like and trust you. When you send out emails to people all the time with value that may help them with questions or problems, they will begin to love you. When you build a loyal following, people will want to do business with you no matter what you're selling because they trust it'll be worth the money.

8. It gives you the chance to create return customers. You can make multiple sales off the same leads when you make it a point to build an email list. If you keep building your list all the time and you always create high quality products for them, they will always come back for more.

Sending out mass emails helps you let them know when you have new products for them.

9. Building an email list can make you money in other ways. If you're having trouble selling things or just want to make some extra money on the side, you can let other marketers use your list for solo ads. All they do is pay you a fee to send out an email to your list and collect leads for theirs.

10. It helps with testing campaigns. In marketing you're always having to tweak and get the best targeted leads possible to get the highest sales conversions possible. If you build multiple email lists and segment them by where the source of traffic was, what keywords you used, what ads you places, etc., you can then test them overtime to figure out what works and what doesn't and who exactly you need to target in marketing campaigns.

11. It creates time freedom. When you do the old fashion ways of just going around talking to one person at a time on social media or the phone, it's very time consuming and when you go to bed at night…guess what, you have to go right back to finding people the next day to talk to. Doesn't sound fun does it?

Instead, build your email list, leverage your autoresponder and never work more than 2 hours a day again. You can followup with thousands of people at one time this way, instead of going one by one.


There's definitely no denying the power of a growing email list. When you get to the point where you can consistently get leads on a daily basis and start getting a few sales, you can track everything, figure out the numbers, and then scale up with predictions of how much money you will make. It's like deciding exactly how much money you want to make and making it happen in less time almost automatically.

Building an email list is one of the most important things to do in network marketing and you absolutely must start doing it if you want to not only make a lot of money, but actually have the time to go enjoy it.


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We'll go over exactly how you can copy our simple, online business model that has made $3,000+ per day for countless people. 

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