In today's world, it is very common to see marketers try to get sales by pitching everyone they meet. They go around spamming everyone and then wonder why they don't get anywhere in their business.

It's one of the biggest network marketing mistakes people make. If they were to drop that method in favor of value based marketing, the outcome would be much different.


value based marketing


Put yourself in the prospect's shoes. What would you do if people kept throwing links at you and pitching you every 5 seconds about buying something? You would probably get really annoyed and want to do anything you possibly could to shut them up for good.

But what if instead, someone shared tips and value all the time about subjects that you were interested in. They didn't pursue you all the time or pitch you at all like the other 99% of people would. You would much rather connect with them and be open to what they have to offer wouldn't you? It's called value based marketing.

What Is Value Based Marketing?

It's when you help people first and don't worry so much about the sales all the time. If you do it right, you will develop a large following of people that love you and want to just give you money for everything your business has because you're always helping them.

This approach is the opposite of the spammy, salesy way of selling things that most new marketers do because they don't know better. When you worry less about selling stuff to people and just focus more on helping them, you end up making more money and feel better about it.

Some Ways To Integrate This Type Of Marketing:

1. Post value on social media. If you aren't growing your brand on social media, you're making a mistake. Post things like inspiring quotes, cool pictures, tips and even content that you create to just position yourself as an expert in the eyes of your following. People will appreciate what you do for them and always be looking for your posts.

2. Make a blog teaching things you learn. As you build your own business, you will learn countless lessons along the way and there are millions of people just like you in the world who haven't learned them yet. Team them a few things and they will love you forever.

3. Make a Youtube channel full of value. Eric Worre is a prime example of someone who consistently made a short video with a great lesson daily, and developed a huge following with a very nice income to go along with it. Make it a priority to make a video a day and teach a little something for your audience. It may surprise you what happens.

4. Help people on forums. Warrior forum is a great place for business owners and internet entrepreneurs to come together and help each other out. You could help answer some questions and people will begin to notice you as an expert in the field.

5. Talk to people on social media. Besides posting, you can just message people and make some new friends who may happen to struggle with some things that you could help them with. If you help them out, they'll really respect you and be more interested in what else you may be able to offer them.


Pitching people and pretending to be a salesmen is not going to get you any results. If you practice value based marketing instead, it will show people you re an expert, a leader and someone who cares about helping them with their struggles.

People will want to start following as a result and this will result in more business opportunities as well. Value based marketing is obviously the most effective and moral strategy to use in any business.


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