If you're wondering what is spamming, it's one of the biggest business killers in marketing, especially for new business owners.

When you spam people, they get turned off by you and just want you to go away and leave them along for good. The only thing it is actually good for is making you look desperate.


What is spamming

What Is Spamming Exactly?

It's when you're overly pushy towards trying to get people to go to a link or buy something when they have no idea who you are. Get the full definition of spam here. If you are doing this, it's time to stop right now, and rethink your entire marketing approach before you develop a bad name for yourself.

Ways To Know If You're Spamming

1. If you are bulk sending unsolicited emails to people that they didn't opt in for, that is spam. In fact, most email services have a separate inbox for spam, so people don't constantly have to deal with it and sort if from the emails they actually want to see. Never send bulk emails to people who don't opt in for them or don't want them.

2. Using affiliate or other sales links all over the place in social media is spam. This is very common on Facebook especially, because people are always sending messages to people they don't know with long pitches and a sales link attached in a desperate attempt to get a sale.

There's also a lot of spam in Facebook groups where no one actually reads the posts, but put there pitches and join links everywhere.

3. Spamming blog comments is also a big problem. I couldn't tell you how many spam comments I get every week from people desperately putting their links everywhere just trying to get a backlink to a site. This isn't doing them any good and just makes them look bad. Don't be one of those people.

4. Spamming forums is another problem. Forums are supposed to be a place of value and a community of people coming together and helping each other, not a place where people can just get a free backlink by putting their links in every post when it doesn't even make sense. It shows other forum members that your intentions are not to provide value, but to just try and force people to go to your link.

5. There is a lot of bad software that people use to get backlinks. If you use a backlinking software for your website just to try and rank it in Google, stop right now. All these softwares do is spam the heck out of thousands of sites with your link, to get you some backlinks that aren't even worth anything. Google now penalizes people for doing this, so if you need backlinks, write good content and earn them naturally.

What Is Spamming Going To Get You?

1. Your site will get penalized and never have a chance of ranking in Google. Forget about spamming to get people to your site or to backlink your site, it will have the opposite effect that you want and will make it lose traffic.

2. You will get a bad reputation. There's a reason why people don't like salesmen. This is basically the same thing except much worse. All you do is annoy people when you spam them and they will block you, ignore you, file complaints against you and more if you keep it up.

3. You will get accounts shut down. Whether it is social media accounts, email service accounts, etc., they will not put up with you spamming people through their service, so they will ban you and take your account away.

4. It will keep you broke. If you spam people, no one will ever even think about going to your link or buying anything from you. They won't want anything to do with you and with that kind of bad reputation, no one will want to do business with you. Your business will never make money if you spam people.


One of the biggest mistakes in network marketing is when people spam others. It is suicide for your business and reputation. Never do any kind of spam because the consequences are becoming more and more severe as time goes on. Instead, build good will, a positive brand and a honest business, so people will love you and want to do business with you.


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    • Jason Lewis

      A very insightful article. Thanks for sharing this information. Spamming is a big no no for any organization. This not only devalues the website on search engines but will also create a black mark on the reputation of the site.

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