Have you watched a movie known as X-Men or watched their comic books? If you have, you have probably heard of ‘Juggernaut’.

Juggernaut is a character who can power through opponents and walls like a bulldozer once he has gained some momentum (power and speed).

Also, if you remember your 10th grade physics, momentum is defined as the quantity of motion of a given object. In other words, momentum is the resistance of a moving object to come to a stop and is expressed as speed times mass (Velocity x Mass).

The greater the momentum, the harder it is to stop the object’s movement.

You can think of momentum as a force unwilling to come to a halt. In sports we often talk of a team in a momentum to refer to a team on a winning streak that is seemingly unstoppable.

Momentum is built by ensuring that everything goes as planned. Therefore in business, momentum can be expressed as momentum = production x motivation



We have momentum in business too.

When you have momentum in business, everything seems to roll forward, stuff gets done, things happen, employees are proactive, customers are happy and extraordinary results are produced.

When you are rolling with good momentum, you look better than you are and you accomplish a lot.

Your star shines and you look smarter, more intelligent and prettier than you really are. Everything you touch turns to gold. You are far ahead of your peers and your upward trajectory appears unstoppable.

Nothing seems to go wrong.

Momentum creates motivation. Motivation creates opportunity and opportunity creates results. That is how it works and that is why every entrepreneur needs to learn to create momentum in their business.

How would you like to break through and make significant strides in your business?

How would you like to get things done and motivate everyone?

How would you like your business to reach its true potential?

The action steps I am about to share with you will help you create unstoppable momentum in your business.

You can create momentum in very practical ways. Here are 5 ways to create unstoppable momentum in business…



5 Ways To Create Momentum In Business:

1. Create a game plan and remain committed

Planning is not going to directly build momentum, but it is important! If you want to build momentum for specific reasons, you must have a game plan.

Without a game plan, you will fail or take a long time to complete your goal. Like a general in the battlefield, a meticulous strategy is an important ingredient when you are trying to win.

After you have created your game plan, you should then remain not only committed to your goals, but to the process as well. You need to understand that success takes time and can be different for everyone.

When you are committed to a project, you install the mindset that no matter what happens and no matter how long it takes, you will persist until you achieve your goal. There are no buts or ifs.

Successful entrepreneurs and the not-so-successful ones have one thing in common: both give up sometimes, but the only difference is that those who become successful don’t actually give up on their important goals.

For all the discouragement and hardships, they stay committed to their vision.

Seriously, there are times in our entrepreneurial journey that we feel like the world is collapsing around us.

That is the time a normal person throws in the towel while the super achievers persist because they know their visions and goals are achievable, despite the present circumstances. That is when entrepreneurial battles are lost or won.

All I am saying is that the entrepreneur journey is a roller coaster. There are ups and downs. So, stay committed no matter what you are experiencing in your life at the moment.

Your dreams and visions are far more important than what you are experiencing at the moment plus it is impossible to keep momentum if you lack commitment.


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2. Set SMART and recurring Goals

Set SMART goals that align with your vision—SMART stands for Specific (goals that are clearly defined), Measurable (goals whose progress can be measured), Attainable (goals that are possible to attain), Relevant (goals that are aligned to your vision) and Time based goals that have a definite period in which they should be attained.

To learn more about goal-setting, read Five Foolproof Golden Rules of Goal Setting: Learn How to Set and Achieve Goals.

When you set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely goals, you can’t go wrong with your vision. Many people fail to attain their business goals because they miss one or more of the components of SMART.

Another important aspect of goal-setting for great momentum in business is setting recurring goals. Recurring goals change, but stay the same. Does that sound weird? Let me explain.

While a habit is something you do everyday for like a lifetime, a recurring goal is something you set habitually e.g every week or everyday.

Recurring goals change each time. For instance, your habitual goal would be to write two articles everyday, but you are not going to write the same articles. Instead, you are going to set new goals of writing two articles everyday.



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3. Suspend you disbeliefs, work with positive employees and create the right mindset

Something magical happens when you are no longer operating with fear. You act with majestic courage, you romp forward and become unstoppable.

But when you let doubts creep into whatever you are doing, you become a non-starter. Suspend disbelief and fear about a new idea and maintain a positive expectancy of outcome no matter what.

Be positive, stay happy and don’t let negativity come in the way. Work only with people who believe in your business idea.

Do not ever work with cynical and negative people, even if that means you have to work alone. Nonetheless, I don’t mean to say that you should work with sycophants. Look for objective people.

Creating the right mindset is one of the most crucial step. Your mind is the most important and powerful tool you have and can use to dis-empower or empower you.

In business, your attitude is everything. Your mindset is what determines how you respond to situations and this dictates the value and quality of your life.

In the diet industry, dieticians say that 98% of dieters fail or lose weight and put it back on again because of the problems with their mindsets.

Failure to change their way of thinking and patterns of behavior makes it impossible for them to succeed.

When you are trying to create momentum in your business, it is vital that you start having new conversations with yourself as you embark on the new journey.

The businesses that change their approach and the way of thinking ultimately change their direction.

I have seen this in many businesses I have consulted and the most amazing thing is that the businesses which refuse to change their mindset set themselves in the path of self-sabotage by letting obstacle after obstacle limit their growth.

In order to really create the right mindset in your business, you should sit down and write down things that are preventing you from moving forward. What are the limiting beliefs that derail you?

What can you do to overcome them? Do you need to read a book, sign up for a coaching session, change your partners/employees?

Do not be afraid to make hard decisions and resolve to work ON your business as opposed to working IN your business. Reinvent yourself.

Learn new skills, read books, take new courses, hire right-minded people and work with a business coach if you can afford it.


4. Focus and intensity

Focus—have you noticed that the ability to stay focused is becoming very rare? People can’t even watch a TV channel without changing channels.

They can’t stay for one minute in silent meditation without scrolling through their smartphones. We easily become distracted even by the smallest of things.

Likewise in business, we can become vain and shortsighted and keep chasing after every shiny object that comes along.

We are always advised to keep our eyes on the main plan and keep the entire team focused on what really matters.

At Bizify, we have remained focused on the main goal of delivering small business consultancy services to Australian entrepreneurs.

The business is barely one year old and it is already serving more than 10,000 clients. We have remained steadfast when it comes to producing great content.

Intensity—when you purposely direct your intensity to things that matter and give unimportant things a wide berth, your momentum grows. If you want to become intense on something, you must really care about that thing.

Intensity and passions are two of the hallmarks of maintaining momentum in business. If you pursue your goals with great intensity, you become unstoppable.

The reason you see athletes do magical things in business or why politicians seem to ooze with unending enthusiasm is because they are intense; they are passionate about what they do and they don’t give a crap about what people think. Business is the same.

The key to creating unstoppable momentum is to remain focused and intense for a long, long time. Norman Vincent Pearl, in his Book, “Enthusiasm Makes the Difference,” said,

“Some people get motivated for an hour. Some get motivated for a day, while others get motivated for years. Only those that get motivated for years truly become successful.”

The problem is that most people can become focused and intense for a while, but only a few can do it for years. Show me an entrepreneur who can stay focused with intensity for a whole year and I will show you an unstoppable person.


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5. Reward yourself

Last but not least, you should reward yourself for all the hard work you are doing. The more you reward yourself, the more enjoyable your ride on the rollercoaster is. You need to start celebrating small successes.

Make everyone you work with feel appreciated. However, you shouldn’t go overboard with this, but make your reward enjoyable. Simply set a reward for completing a task as you go.

Momentum in business is built when you accumulate a series of successes, one following another in quick succession without stopping.

Momentum can produce quick growth and enable you to meet all your goals within a very short duration. Many people and organizations will find value in associating with you.

Blogs and news outlets will talk about you for as long as you look unstoppable. You become the talk of the town.

Yet, the most powerful effect of momentum is psychological because opponents begin to fear you and have mental blocks that prevent them from competing with you.

On the other hand, if you have not built momentum, nothing seems to work. You find it difficult to accomplish even small things. Everything you touch turns into poop. Business becomes slow.

Momentum is the key to success of any business.


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