The thing about network marketing, is that if you stick with it and work hard, you can make an infinite amount of money. But, if you are like a lot of people, there's a good chance you'll get discouraged and quit.

Why do many people fail in network marketing? There are many reasons why they fail and I'm going to point out exactly what people should look for, so that doesn't happen to them.



30 Reasons Why People Fail In Network Marketing

1. They have no mentor to help guide them.

2. Many of them don't stay focused on their work.

3. They procrastinate and get distracted by other things.

4. They try to learn everything before taking any action (I was guilty of this when I started).

5. They don't do income producing activities.

6. A lot of network marketers aren't consistent enough.

7. They spam their affiliate link all over the place.

8. They try to hard sell everyone.

9. They don't build a relationship with their prospects.

10. They try to pitch their opportunity first.

11. A lot of them don't build an email list (HUGE mistake).

12. They don't position themselves as the leader when influencing prospects.

13. They act desperate for the sale (People see right through this).

14. Many of them don't focus on mastering a couple of marketing strategies instead of all of them (A jack of all trades is the master of none).

15. They don't build a social media following.

16. They rely on only one marketing strategy (What will you do if that is taken away?).

17. They're not involved in team events and meetings.

18. A lot of marketers don't do personal development (You can't stay ahead of the competition if you don't work on yourself).

19. They aren't focusing on a laser targeted market.

20. They throw money spontaneously at paid ads without knowing what they're doing.

21. They don't do any kind of content for long term lead generation (Marketers need to do videos, social media content, blogs, etc. for permanent long term assets that collect leads forever).

22. They don't test what they're using to create traffic, collect leads and convert sales.

23. A lot of marketers don't even pay attention to the statistics and analytics on their marketing campaigns.

24. They don't constantly do training and courses in marketing and business building.

25. They don't actually help their team to become better business owners (If you don't help your team become better, your retention rate will suck and your downline will never grow or pay you anything).

26. Marketers may blame outside factors for their failure (You have to accept the fact that your success is all dependent on you).

27. Network marketers tend to over-complicate things.

28. They also don't scale up their business when they find something that works.

29. They don't have a why (What's you main reason for wanting to reach your goals for network marketing?).

30. They don't have a clear vision and plan for how to get to their goals.

I could keep going with more reasons why network marketers tend to fail, but I think these 30 tips will help you get the point and make some good adjustments in your approach to your business.

Another obvious reason is that you need to have a good company, products, ownership and comp plan or you could be working too hard to make little money. Those 30 reasons are for you, assuming you are in a decent company.

Conclusion Of Why People Fail In Network marketing

People fail in network marketing for many reasons, but if you go through this checklist, be honest with yourself, and become aware of what's keeping you from success, you will be able to fix it. Hope it helps!

Justin Bryant
Justin Bryant

I'm an entrepreneur, fitness freak, artist, car enthusiast, sports fan and self improvement addict. My goal is to help people be their best and create incredible businesses that change the world.

    14 replies to "30 Reasons Why People Fail In Network Marketing"

    • Rosemarie Douglas

      A good refresher for what you forget due to your overzealous to start becoming a more independent in your finances.

    • felistas mutonono

      Great post! another reason why people fail is that they do not use the internet as a marketing strategy so they get stuck with the typical network marketing methods…I have also noticed that discouragement from friends and family can cause one to fail.

      • Justin Bryant

        I agree, Felistas. The internet gives us so many different marketing strategies to take advantage of. A lot of old school methods just don’t work anymore.

    • joseph tersoo

      This was very great, very true.

    • Dede Temple

      People fail in network marketing for so many reasons. Base on my experience, 1.
      Greed, 2. Laziness, 3. Inadequate leadership ability. Etc I have more. Thanks for the opportunity to share.

    • Sana Warsi

      Thank you for this post. It was very helpful. I just read an article about the high failure rate of Network Marketers but this list is right on! Its not the Network Marketing that is failing, it’s the people.

    • Sajin

      Many people who feel dishearted regarding their failure in network marketing is not aware of the reasons which made them to wide up their MLM business. This article is definitely a reminder for those people to analyse their faults and how can they be overcome to succeed in network marketing.
      Here are some guidelines you need to follow if your wishing to become a part of MLM business.

    • Solomon Lubayiza

      Great ideas here, we should actually ponder about all this, Network Marketing is the greatest industry ever. Let’s work on all these weaknesses, then we’re destined for greatness.

    • muhimbo lauben

      Reasons why p’ple are poor

    • Mutasa munibu

      Thanks for these reasons but what if when i need more leads

    • S. NAIK

      Good information, but network marketing is good business to grow with technology and new methods.

    • Abdulla Ansari

      Why people fail in network marketing
      Reason behind it
      Because 90%
      People doing this business unprofessionally

    • Tedd Gallion

      They fail at this because MLM as a business really sucks. The internet stopped most from drinking the cult Kool Aid. Reviews and the harsh reality of what an MLM is just a few clicks away for the intelligent among us.

      • Tobias

        Wonderful I’ve learnt alot I think I gonna share this wonderful massenge with my teams it’s amazing

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