If you are a struggling network marketer, it's time to make use of an SLO or Self Liquidating Offer in your business. If you don't, there's a good chance you will be struggling for a very long time or may even quit.



What is an SLO?

SLO is short for Self Liquidating Offer, which is the process of selling an inexpensive, yet valuable product on the front end to cover for advertising costs. Then, you back-end the real product or “opportunity”.

5 Great Reasons To Have A Self Liquidating Offer

1. It positions you as an expert instead of someone that's just desperate to get every sale they can. It builds trust and respect with your prospects because you give them something of value instead of just pitching another opportunity like everyone else.

2. It increases your cash flow instantly and funds your advertising expenses for your business. If you do it right, the sales of the SLO will completely get your money back from what you spend on advertising or even get you a profit.

It's like being paid to prospect whether you actually get them to join you or not.

3. You can create a system around it or teach your team members how to make their own info product to use as an SLO, so that they get into a positive cash flow immediately after joining. This will help with retention rate, which is key in building huge, lasting network marketing teams.

It will create team momentum and help you build your downline many levels down.

4. Sponsoring an existing customer is a lot easier than sponsoring a complete stranger. People join people, not companies. If they trust you, respect you, and see you as a leader because of your front end SLO, they usually will partner with you in your business.

This product you give them teaches them valuable lessons in business and allows you to not even have to sell them because they will sell themselves through the info product.

5. You get to use the front end product to pre-train and educate your prospects. They may become your future business partners and instead of having to try to teach them everything when they join, they will already have an idea of what to do.

It's also a lot better than selling them on hype, which basically works only for a short time if at all. This way they are a better business owner right from the start and won't waste your time asking you stupid questions and being a complete newbie to the industry.

What You Need To Do

You need to create some kind of info ebook, training series, paid newsletter, etc. to use as your network marketing business's SLO. This is what the best business owners do. They sell everything, but the primary opportunity.

As long as you make your info product full of value and have constant recommendations and endorsements throughout the product of your primary opportunity, people will be grateful for the value and trust you as a business partner.

Conclusion Of Using An SLO

You need to stop being like the 95% of network marketers that never do well in the industry. They just sell there opportunity, which no one will join if they don't know you. Sell your own info products to educate them and bring in quick revenue and they will sell themselves on your primary opportunity.

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Justin Bryant

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