They say the hardest part in business, is making your first $10,000 in profit. But, if you can get a few sales (not involving pitching friends or family), you can learn to scale up your business to produce more profits.

It's actually very easy to do this after you have gotten a few sales using a certain strategy. This will help you master it and scale up in other areas to achieve an elite business status.



Why Most People Fail In Business

First, before I tell you exactly how you need to scale up when you bring in your first sales, I need to show you why most people fail, so you don't make the same mistakes.

10 Reasons Why They Fail To Scale Up

1. They don't focus on one or two main marketing strategies.

2. They don't treat their business like a business.

3. They don't track their conversion rates.

4. They aren't consistent in their action-taking.

5. They don't have a mentor to help them along the way.

6. They don't have a good product to sell.

7. The market isn't big enough for the products.

8. They aren't marketing to enough people or getting enough leads.

9. They don't know how to scale when they get their sales.

10. They hopelessly throw money at marketing companies and don't budget.

I could probably list 40 more reasons pretty easily of why people fail to scale up their businesses. But, The point is that most people just over complicate things and don't realize how easy it really is to profit.

You just need the know-how and a little common sense. I can't help you with the common sense aspect obviously, but I'll give you the know-how so you can get better results.

How To Scale Up Your Business

So, you've gotten your first few sales in your business and know how you did it. Now you must connect the dots backwards for the main strategy that got the sales.

How did you convert the sale? How did you get them to become a lead? How many clicks or eyeballs did you need to get to get the number of leads that got your one sale?

How many impressions did it take to get that many eyeballs or clicks? What strategy did you use to get those impressions? How much did it cost to get that sale?

Once you answer these questions, write it all down because you need to stay organized and know exactly what you're dealing with. The main thing is knowing the EXACT marketing strategy that got the sales.

Now that you know the marketing strategy that you proved to work and know the conversions and the numbers of how you got there, you can start scaling up. How do you do that?

Well, first pick the number of sales you want. If you're in network marketing or most online businesses, I recommend shooting for one sale per day first when you start scaling.

So, to get that one sale per day, go back to the statistics, conversions and marketing strategies you wrote down, and what pages/content you used, and start doing that everyday.

One thing about business and marketing that is so great is that no matter how many people are exposed to the business, you will usually mathematically get consistent numbers and rates. Therefore, sales become predictable.

So, you start doing whatever it took to get that sale by the numbers and do it every single day consistently. Before you know it, you will be doing very well in your business.

When you start bringing in pretty good profits, you need to learn to reinvest. When most people start out, paid advertising isn't usually how people get their first sales because many times they can't afford it yet and don't have the knowledge or experience in paid ads.

Up Scale Using Paid Advertising

But, one of the most important skills in scaling up a business is turning paid advertising into profits. So, take 10-20% of what you've been making and always set it aside for reinvesting in targeted paid ads.

Make sure you have done some very extensive training in the paid ad method you wish to pursue first before blowing your money on it. You may even go to a lead company and have them do it for you.

It would be much easier than doing PPC ads, solo ads, banner ads or anything like that when you're very new to it. But, once you've gotten that one sale per day strategy down and have money to reinvest, you can find a go-to paid advertising strategy and let the REAL scaling begin.

Then, once you're making ridiculous profits from this, you can outsource the marketing strategies that aren't you strengths. That way you have multiple streams of revenue for you business and you will be able to turn it into an empire.


Maybe I should just call this, the 3 step process to a million dollar business. First you find your primary marketing strategy that gets you sales.

Then after scaling that to one sale per day, you can invest in paid ads from 10-20% of your profits. Then, you can outsource the rest of the marketing and other strategies you don't want to deal with.

If you do all of this the way I have taught you, you van easily achieve a million dollar business.

Justin Bryant
Justin Bryant

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