Magnetic sponsoring was written by Mike Dillard and teaches about how to build a successful business online in the network marketing industry. But is it actually a helpful book? Is it really worth reading?

Or is it just another marketer's book that is nothing but valueless rambling? I've personally read the entire thing and will share with you what you will find in the book and if I really think it is worth looking at.



What It's About

Basically, to summarize the book, it's about how to sponsor more people in your network marketing business and turn yourself into a prospect magnet. Instead of you always seeking new team members out, you're supposed to learn how to attract them to you.

Therefore, you will build large teams, huge incomes, and not have to worry about going around finding people to pitch like a used car salesman.

Chapter 1: Understanding The Source Of Personal Attraction

In this chapter you learn what attracts people do others. It talks about how people are naturally attracted to learn from certain people. It mentions that if people see you as a leader, they will be attracted to you.

I'm not saying attracted as in they will want to get in bed with you, but attracted as in they will be more likely to buy stuff from you or join you. This chapter will go in depth about which kind of person you are and how to transform yourself into someone attractive to prospects.

Chapter 2: Your Business Has Nothing To Do With Your Company

In Chapter 2 of Magnetic Sponsoring, you learn that people don't actually care about facts and features of your company or products. Although you would think they would want to know a lot about that, they need to know very little to join you.

In fact, people join people, not companies. The main point of this chapter is to explain to you that you need to sell you and your lifestyle, as well as benefits that your company gave you. People don't care about the rest.

Chapter 3: The Secret Of Becoming A Professional

In this chapter, you'll learn about how to see your business as a professional would. You must treat your business like a business, instead of like a hobby.

It also talks about how new people in network marketing tend to get too emotionally involved. Think of everything in your business as just another day at the office. You'll learn more about handling the business like a true professional in this chapter.

Chapter 4: An Introduction To Magnetic Sponsoring

Chapter 4 of Magnetic Sponsoring goes into the subject of how to sponsor people and how it really works. Some key points you'll find include:

  • You can't cater to weakness in network marketing
  • You have to know how to market the right way
  • You have  to sell yourself not your business
  • You have to build relationships a certain way with prospects

This chapter is full of general rules you need to know in network marketing and what you must work on to be the best.

Chapter 5: How To Find Your Best Prospects

“You can't sell a steak to a vegetarian.” Chapter 5 is all about finding who the best prospects to go after are. If you don't know your target market, your conversions will be horrific and you will lose all your money.

Who are the best prospects to go after for network marketing? Well, people who have bought network marketing products and have tried the industry are a really good start. Read this chapter for more info.

Chapter 6: How To Create A True Business Franchise

Chapter 6 of Magnetic Sponsoring talks about how your business is like a franchise. You have to go about selling a certain way that helps you pay for your maintenance expenses like advertising, tools, websites, etc.

One of the biggest mistakes in the industry is that people lead with the opportunity instead of making a low cost product on the front end that pays for expenses and turns people into buyers.

You'll also learn how to structure product selling and how to get people to buy your opportunity as well by doing things differently than 95% of marketers.

Chapter 7:  The Psychological Secrets Of Magnetic Sponsoring

There are two reasons people make decisions to do things:

1. To attain pleasure

2. To avoid pain

You will learn the art of persuasion and hypnotically giving people what they want while making you money. You will also learn how you need to provide value to people and keep everything generic when doing so.

Chapter 8: How To Position Yourself As An Expert And Attract Leads To You

When people get on the internet to look something up, a lot of times it to find a solution to a problem. You need to learn to sell solutions instead of products to people.

This chapter also talks about how to create an effective newsletter that will help people see you as a leader and the provider of the solutions they need.

Chapter 9: Funded Proposals

In Chapter 9 of Magnetic Sponsoring, you will learn how to do business the right way. Instead of selling your opportunity on the front end, you need to sell an information product that educates your prospect and builds trust.

Then, you can offer your help and the opportunity after they have gone through your information product and that is where the bigger, long term money comes from. You'll get examples of how to do this in this chapter.

Chapter 10: The Magnetic Sponsoring System

Chapter 10 just talks about Mike Dillard's system that he built based on how to do business the way he has had success with. He built a system around the concepts in the book and offers it to you in this chapter.

My Magnetic Sponsoring Book Review

Overall, I think it is a great book with a lot of great information and examples of how to do business the right way in the network marketing industry. You should definitely read it if you haven't already. Mike Dillard knows what he is talking about in his Magnetic Sponsoring book.

Justin Bryant
Justin Bryant

I'm an entrepreneur, fitness freak, artist, car enthusiast, sports fan and self improvement addict. My goal is to help people be their best and create incredible businesses that change the world.

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