Wondering why you produce results and make money in your online business, but your downline (or team) is always broke and unproductive?

I hate to break it to you, but it's your fault, not theirs. It's easy to play the blame game when your team makes no money, but it all comes down to the leader, YOU.



Why exactly is it your fault that other people in your team aren't producing results? Well there will always be people that won't do anything and are too lazy to be entrepreneurs, but if a very small percentage of them are producing any results, than you need to look at the following 5 reasons why your leadership isn't helping your downline…

5 Reasons Your Downline Is Suffering:


1. Strategies Are Too Complicated To Duplicate

You know, about 1 in every few hundred people you try to bring into your business will actually be willing to learn the complicated strategies that you may know as a top leader. Most people are not patient enough to learn these complicated technical strategies.

Every once in a while you'll find a diamond in the rough, but you can't search for them and let your business depend on them because they are so rare. You have to actually leverage systems and simple strategies that new members can come in and start using on day 1. If people in your downline don't start seeing any results in their first 30 days, odds are, they will quit.

How do you solve this problem? You have to minimize the learning curve required to succeed in your business. You have to use your skills to create resources and simple step by step instructions for your downline to follow, whether they have experience or not.

The simpler the system, the more your members will duplicate success and the more money you will make. In the end, you must remember, it's all about the team. You won't have to work near as much if your downline is producing just like you. Always assume, your members know nothing about the industry and just want to make money. Then create systems based on that for them to easily use.

“If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.” -Albert Einstein

2. Lack Of Team Energy

It's been proven that people need to be pumped up at certain intervals throughout the year. Every week people need to be given a reason to be pretty excited or pumped up, so they will go take massive action in their business. So it is good to have some kind of weekly webinar, training, conference call, etc. for team members only, where they can learn something new or have their eyes opened about a certain related topic to the business.

Be a good leader and show the team you haven't forgotten about them and just give them a reason to take action in the business. It's also proven that every 90 days, people need a massive motivational source or something to impact them to become refocused in their business.

You downline should be able to see you in person and be with other members every 90 days at some kind of empowering live event in a major city. This is where the big breakthroughs happen and it impacts people tremendously when they get to meet the “top leaders” face to face.

3. Accessibility To Your Downline

Your downline will greatly appreciate it if you are actually accessible to them for answering questions or teaching them more advanced strategies. If you have a large or rapidly growing team though, you may want to refrain from giving out your phone number to everyone or trying to message each and every person for every question they have because I guarantee you won't have any time and you might actually go insane.

Instead, you should have some kind of Q & A meeting every week or page where people can put their questions so that you may address the main ones to the masses of your downline through a recorded video or blog post that addresses the solution of the problem. But, you also might want to at least reach out to new members when they first join to establish a relationship as well as a comfort level.

You also may want to watch your downline's results as time goes on and when some of your members start to really stand out, reach out to them and converse with them about possibly increasing their role in the team as well as teach them some more advanced techniques that they can use to really flourish.

4. Personal Development

Maybe your downline members are good at using your systems to create results, but they are hitting plateaus. What could be the cause of this? It is the lack of personal development by your members. To stay ahead of the competition and keep rising their income, your team members, as well as you, need to be doing something daily to be at the top of their game.

Whether it is audios by Tony Robbins, books by Robert Kiyosaki, products by Jim Britt, or personal development exercises, something must be done daily to stay sharp and keep progressing. Something you should teach as a leader, is for members to focus on going to bed every night slightly better than they were when they woke up earlier that morning.

If become a little bit better version of yourself everyday, you won't hit plateaus and you will become the elite leader that can command a flood of success around the world.

5. Practice What You Preach

Lets say you are positioned as a leader or “guru” to your downline and you make a lot of money. Well, if you are successful and your members want to be successful, you have to help them. But, if you tell give them things to do that you don't actual do in your business, they won't do them. They want your results, and will not do things that you don't.

You need to practice what you preach and lead by example for your downline, so that they will want to do those things based on the results you have gotten from doing them. It creates a good team culture and trust between you and the other downline members.

Teach strategies that you have used and make them simple. That way it is easier for you and everyone else to follow them consistently.

Otherwise, without consistency, your team will fail and you will be broke along with them. Plus, if other leaders are looking to join your company and see that you are a hypocrite as far as your work habits and downline management, they will not join you and will look to join someone else.

In The End, Just Lead Your Downline To Prosperity

If you create simple systems, create energy, be accessible, stress personal development, and practice what you preach to your downline, you will have a lasting team culture of success. This will attract other leaders and create a name for yourself as a well-loved leader in your industry, to whom everyone will want to work with.

It will make you and your team all more prosperous in the end which is the ultimate goal for everyone.

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