Starting a business really can be tough. Even if you desperately want to become an entrepreneur, many businesses can be intimidating with their complexities, time consumption, and large expenses.

Why can't starting a business be a little easier and more straight-forward? Well, thanks to technology and the growing trends of our lifestyles, startup options have emerged that aren't so difficult.

In this video, I'm going to show you 11 small business ideas that are easy to start for 2017. These ideas won't cost you a fortune, will give you flexible hours, and be simple enough to start as soon as tomorrow.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Brands and websites mentioned

  • Fiverr – Go here to become a freelancer and start selling gigs.
  • YouTube – The top video site in the world. This is a great place to start a video channel business.
  • – If you want to be a virtual assistant, this site has countless jobs for you.
  • UpWork – Upwork is one of the top freelance sites in the world.
  • TranscribeMe – This is a great site for getting started as a transcriptionist.
  • DogVacay – Become a pet sitter and turn it into a side business starting here.
  • Uber – Uber is replacing taxis and giving people like you a chance to make lots of money driving people around.
  • Lyft – Lyft is the top competitor to Uber and allows you to be a freelance driver.
  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing – Go here to start publishing your first ebooks online, so people can buy them on Amazon.

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    1 Response to "11 Small Business Ideas That Are Easy To Start 2017"

    • Allan Givens

      I’m surprised airbnb isn’t on here. From an investing perspective many people are actually gaining income from properties they invest in and renting them out. Uber is great and the way it has evolved over the past few years has been interesting. They even have Uber Eats now where you deliver food to others.

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