Let's face it, WordPress blogs are priceless resources when it comes to making money online. But do you know how to start a WordPress blog quickly for less than $4?

Most people don't. But, I'm going to teach you how to start a WordPress blog in just minutes using 3 simple steps and quality Bluehost hosting services for less than $4 (I got the price down for you).

You'll even get a free domain name from me and I'll show you how to setup WordPress for free as well. I'm not sure exactly how long this dirt-cheap bundle will last though, so I recommend you get it today before it is gone.

Bluehost hosting is some of the best you can get and is easily one of the most reasonably priced services you can get for your blog.

Out of countless marketers, entrepreneurs and myself, I haven't heard any complaints from Bluehost, so that is one of the main reasons I recommend them for new or even experienced blog owners.

Now, you may be thinking that you would rather learn how to start a wordpress blog free, instead of paying less than $4, but that is pretty much impossible.

To get a business or blog up and running for that price is about as low as I could get it for you, so don't bother looking for anything that is free, because it would be a scam.

Benefits Of Bluehost For Your Blog:

  • It's EXTREMELY cheap, without sacrificing quality. Usually you get either quality OR low pricing, but not both.
  • It's very easy to setup and manage. I have actually seen people set up a brand new blog with Bluehost in less than 5 minutes. I'm not even kidding.
  • They have great technical support that will answer questions and help you out.
  • You will be taken seriously if you have a blog that isn't on a third party service like Weebly, Blogspot or Tumblr. I'm not saying these sites are bad, but if you want to blog full time for a living, you better step up to hosting your own site with Bluehost.
  • They give you a free domain. This is a big plus and will save you some money starting out.
  • They have great reviews. Bluehost has a ton of satisfied customers that were once in your shoes just trying to get their blog started.

So, there you go. Before starting the setup of your blog, I wanted you to know why I chose Bluehost hosting services over others, so you wouldn't feel like I just randomly picked one.

I did the comparisons and research for you, so you wouldn't have to spend hours comparing countless hosting companies. I hated when I had to do that when I started out.

Now that you know you will have a professional-grade blog while getting quality hosting, a free domain and complete WordPress setup in just 3 easy steps, are you ready to get started?

Step #1: Get Your Hosting And Free Domain

Click here and press the “Get Started” button to get your Bluehost hosting and your free domain for my discounted price.

Choose your package once you've done this and make sure you have a domain name picked out. I recommend something short and memorable that is obviously easy to spell and related to your niche.

Using this Bluehost link will make it much easier for you to get both hosting and the domain at the same time.

Trust me, this is well worth it because you would be surprised how much domain names and the extra costs that go with them could cost if you went through another site to get it.

In fact, my domain for this site was well over $1,000. This is why I now recommend Bluehost!

And as far as which type of hosting to choose, I recommend you just stick with shared hosting, because it should definitely be enough for your blog's needs in the beginning.

After choosing which type of hosting you want, you'll have to decide which plan to get.

For instance, if you go with shared hosting, you have 4 different 12, 24, and 36 month plans.

The longer the plan, the cheaper it is per month.

Once you have selected the “starter” package or another package if needed, you should see a pricing screen with different options like the this one:

As you can see, the longer you do your account plan for, the more money you save per month. Decide which plan is best for you. You can keep the price under $4 by using my link and going with the 36 month plan.

It took me probably 3 or 4 years before I really started making good money from my site, so just be prepared to work on your blog for the long-haul.

But, everyone is different and I realize not everyone wants to make a 3 year commitment right away.

It's totally up to you! Do what you feel comfortable with!

After you decide on which of those hosting plans makes the most sense for you, there are a number of other add-ons that you can choose from that Bluehost offers.

Don't worry, I'm here to tell you that as a blogger with lots of experience with hosting and domains, you don't need any of the extra options except maybe the domain privacy protection.

Domain privacy protection is just $0.99 per month extra and it keeps your contact information safe. This is a good thing to have, but if you don't feel like your contact information is a big deal, don't get it.

I personally have it for my business, but it is up to your whether you think you need it. Other than the Domain Privacy Protection, you really don't need to add any of the other options to your plan.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Domain And Hosting

Now that you have your hosting plan all ready to go, it is time to get your domain set up.

After your hosting plan is chosen, you'll see options like these:

So, next you need to come up with a domain name if you don't already have one.

If you get your free domain through Bluehost when you setup your hosting, you can basically just finish your order and proceed to the last step (step #3) of setting up your site.

How To Start A WordPress Blog In 5 Steps On Bluehost Hosting

If you have an existing domain or decided to get one from Godaddy instead, you have a few adjustments to make before you can finish building your WordPress blog.

You are going to have to connect your domain to your Bluehost hosting account by setting up the nameservers. You can read the full Godaddy support page on setting up nameservers here.

Or, you can just follow these steps to set them up:

1. Log into your Godaddy account manager page.

2. Select “Domain Names” and then click “Manage Domains”.

3. Choose the domain you want to use for your blog using Bluehost by using the checkboxes and then click “Set Nameservers”.

4. Make sure you use the login information that Bluehost sent to your email address to log into your cpanel.

Find your nameservers in your Bluehost cpanel (they should look something like these: “ns1.bluehost.com” and “ns2.bluehost.com”) and enter them into your nameserver information spaces in your Godaddy account under and click “Save Changes”.

After this, you will need to add your Godaddy domain as an addon domain to Bluehost. To do this, just click “Domains” in your Bluehost cpanel and then click “Assign”. Then, just follow the simple steps from there.

3. Install WordPress Through Bluehost

Another great thing about Bluehost is they make it extremely easy to install WordPress, so we can get our blogs setup.

The first thing you need to do to install it is make sure you are logged into your Bluehost account and find the “Install WordPress” icon.

How To Start A WordPress Blog In 5 Steps On Bluehost Hosting

Then, click the green button that says “Install”.

How To Start A WordPress Blog In 3 Steps On Bluehost Hosting

Now, pick the domain you want to use for your blog, so WordPress will be installed to the right one.

How To Start A WordPress Blog In 3 Steps On Bluehost Hosting

After you've picked the domain you want to use, check the “Show Advanced Options” box so you can fill in the website title, your admin username and password.

For your site title, put what the name of your blog (for instance, mine would be Self Made Success). Your username and password that you pick will be your login information for when you sign in as the admin to manage your WordPress blog (otherwise known as your site's dashboard).

DO NOT lose your username and password because you will need them to sign into your new website.

How To Start A WordPress Blog In 3 Steps On Bluehost Hosting

Once you've filled out the box with your site name, username and password, click “Install Now” and Bluehost will install WordPress for you.

You should see a progress bar at the top of the load screen that tells you the installation progress, so you can monitor it until it's done. After it's done installing, click the “View Credentials” button at the top.

Then, click “Admin URL” (should be “yourdomain.com/wp-admin/” or something similar) and put in your login username and password to access your new WordPress blog dashboard.

How To Start A WordPress Blog In 3 Steps On Bluehost Hosting

And that's it! Now your new blog is done and you can login to start writing or customizing from your dashboard. Enjoy your new blog!


Congratulations! You now have a blog that is self-hosted and complete with your own custom domain name, as well as some of the best hosting around. Now you can work on designing your blog and creating quality content for your audience.

Of course, to create the design that you want for your blog, you need to pick the theme you want. To do this go to “Appearances” and the “Themes” on your blog dashboard.

You can choose from any of the free themes that come on your blog or download a new one that is either free or premium (paid). Some great themes I recommend are Optimizepress, Headway themes, or Studiopress themes.

I personally use Optimizepress 2.0 to power my site. Also, if you are looking to send newsletters and collect emails from your blog, which is almost required for success with any blog, I recommend you use Getresponse or Aweber.

I did a full Getresponse vs Aweber comparison here, so you can decide which email service might be best for you.

Also, here are some other posts to help you along your blogging journey:

Now that you've seen how to start a wordpress blog, what are you going to do with it?

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