Just about all of us spend at least a little bit of our free time watching movies and TV shows. Of course, we typically don't get anything from it but entertainment.

But, times have changed and we now have ways of getting paid to watch our favorite movies and TV shows. In this video, I will show you how you can do that 11 different ways.

I'll show you how to make money with Netflix, live TV, movie trivia, apps, and much more. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Brands and websites mentioned

  • Viggle – This app/service allows you to make money streaming shows or movies and watching live TV.
  • RewardTV – RewardTV gets you paid with rewards for answering trivia questions about movies and TV shows.
  • Swagbucks – Swagbucks has lots of ways to make you money, but one of which is through their video platform where you watch cooking shows among other options.
  • Perk.tv – Make money and earn rewards for watching videos, TV shows, and app trailers.
  • Reward Rack – An invite-only service you can apply for that pays for videos, watching shows, and other things.
  • Media Insiders – This is a company that gathers data on consumer behavior, with TV being one of the biggest subjects.
  • HitBliss – A website that pays you to watch videos, movies, shows, etc. You can use points earned to buy movie rentals, TV seasons, and more.
  • MySurvey – One of the top paid survey companies that bases a lot of surveys on commercials and other things people see on TV.

Other resources mentioned

  • Netflix jobs – The official jobs board on the Netflix website. Here you can look for a job as a “Tagger” and get paid to watch TV shows and movies on Netflix, so you can categorize them.
  • Information for Theater Checkers – This page has more information about becoming a Theater Checker which does small tasks to help movie theaters.

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    7 replies to "How to Get Paid to Watch Movies and TV Shows – Top 11 Ways"

    • Subrica

      Thank you for sharing this . I will test them !

    • Casey Kuhn

      Hello just wanted to say thanks for the great info. I’ve been to prison a couple times an finding a decent paying job is not been easy. So any and every little bit helps.

      • Justin Bryant

        No problem, Casey. Finding a good job can be hard for anyone these days. I hope you everything works out for you!

    • Dave

      Like to here more
      Congrads to you you and your success

    • Beverley

      How do I choose a website? And I still don’t know how this work. What must I do to start earn money

    • Beverley

      How do I choose a website? I still don’t now what to do to start earning money.I am not a computer or IT guru

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