One hit song can turn you from a struggling musician into a superstar. But, having a great song won't get you too far if no one is around to hear it.

The question is, how do you promote your music without having to spend thousands of dollars and go through third-parties that want a cut to help you?

In this video, I'll show you how to promote your music in a lot of different ways without spending hardly any money at all. In fact, the vast majority of these strategies are completely free.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments!


Brands and links mentioned

  • Itunes – Apply here to get your music on Apple Music/Itunes.
  • Google Play – Apply here to get your music on Google Play.
  • Tidal – Go here to get your music on the Tidal music platform.
  • Napster – Go here to get your music on Napster.
  • Spotify – Apply here to get your music on Spotify.
  • YouTube – The top video site in the world in terms of traffic. Great for your music videos.
  • Dailymotion – Another great video site for some extra traffic.
  • Vimeo – One of the top video sites that has many partnerships with musicians.
  • Pandora – One of the top internet radio platforms that you can get your music on.
  • – Another great music platform that is unique and can help you get your music discovered.
  • NoiseTrade – Trade a free copy of your album for the contact information of potential fans for future marketing.
  • Bandcamp – Another platform where you can trade your free album for fan contact information.
  • Soundcloud – One of the top audio websites that covers music, audiobooks, podcasts, etc.
  • Bandsintown – Bandsintown helps people find concerts nearby from new or famous artists.
  • Songkick – Similar to Bandsintown, Songkick allows you to also find live concerts nearby helping bands get discovered.
  • Reddit – Reddit is a huge site with communities that cover everything imaginable, including music. It can be great for promotion.
  • Dozmia – Dozmia helps artists and bands get discovered.


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    3 replies to "How to Promote Your Music Online With 14 Free Strategies"

    • Peter

      Incredible and brilliant ideas ,I want you to be my mentor

      • Justin Bryant

        Hey Peter, thanks for the kind words. I currently trying to do 6-7 new videos a week and will be coming out with a lot more resources and tools you can use in the future. Hopefully I can cover what you’re looking for. Always feel free to leave feedback or make suggestions any time!

    • Simon Diaz

      Almost every music bands now maintains their own website, they upload track and video of their music.

      But yes, it is important to promote music. Youtube is a free platform, I don’t want to let the music be free for the audience and it should not be.

      I love your tips and research. Thanks for sharing these tips.

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