In this video, I'll show you how to rank YouTube videos using SEO tactics that work extremely well.

You may have heard from top YouTubers that there has been some kind of algorithm update or something that has hurt many channels in terms of views, subscribers, and revenue.

The thing about these algorithm updates is they all follow a trend towards user-friendliness and quality. YouTube is not trying to screw people over, they are just trying to make search results better for users.

That being said, if you know SEO and use the tactics I teach you in this video, you should never have any trouble ranking and getting plenty of traffic to your channel.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Here are some effective YouTube SEO tactics to use:


1. Low competition, medium to high search volume

Helpful resources and tips:

2. Use 2-3 connecting keyword phrases in one video title

Helpful resources and tips:

3. Use keywords in filename, title, description, and tags

Helpful resources and tips:

  • Do this before publishing the video.

4. Use tags that contain at least 2 title keywords

Helpful resources and tips:

  • You're much more likely to rank for tags when at least 2 keywords from title are in them.

5. Put keyword phrase as close to beginning of title as possible

Helpful resources and tips:


6. Say the keyword phrase at least once or twice clearly in video

Helpful resources and tips:

  • This will help you get an SEO boost from the automatic YouTube transcription.
  • Go to the video editor, then “Subtitles & CC” to find whether your transcription came out right.


7. Use a thumbnail, title, and description that stand out among competition

Helpful resources and tips:

  • Compare your video to your competition and make yours stand out as the obvious choice.
  • Better search results click-through-rates equal better rankings.


8. Mass promote the video (without ads) within a day of publishing

Helpful resources and tips:


9. Maximize subscribers driven for individual videos

Helpful resources and tips:

  • Learn how to get more subscribers in this video.
  • The more subscribers driven by a video, the better it looks to YouTube.


10. Get straight to the point

Helpful resources and tips:

  • Rankings are all about watch time. The quicker you cut out the fluff and get to the point, the more likely people will be to stay for the rest of the video.


11. Publish fresh content on similar topics consistently

Helpful resources and tips:

  • Example: Tedx Talks channel
  • I try to post at least 5 times a week. If you do that, you'll be ahead of most channels pretty quickly.


12. Long term SEO: Focus on quality and what your subscribers want

Helpful resources and tips:

  • YouTube Analytics
  • The actions people take on your videos will tell you what they like and don't like.


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    4 replies to "How to Rank YouTube Videos Using SEO in 2017 – 12 Tactics"

    • bill

      Hello Justin,

      What would be your no 1 advise on someone who starts his own tutorial Youtube Channel.


    • Ryan

      Thanks for the tips especially the promotion sites that you shared. I think probably the best long term strategy/investment is to build up a very large social media following through facebook, tumbler, tweitter etc and blast out your video on the same day. This is my current project. In the meantime I have had some success with Fiverr back links.

    • HGM

      i love the 12 Tactics but i wanna know if you have some youtube directories

    • Sukanya

      Great article!
      Tile, tags, description, and keywords play an important role in ranking.
      I use Tuberank jeet for video optimization. It saves a lot of time.

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