In this video, you will learn about 9 Pinterest marketing tips for small business in 2017.

Pinterest is an incredible platform for getting traffic and sales for your business if you just know how to use it like the top brands do.

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Here are a few strategies that will help you get more traffic, engagement, brand awareness, and sales from Pinterest:



1. Have vertical images for blog posts

Vertical images are more suited on Pinterest because of the long, skinny column format of its pages. You get more Pinterest real estate with more vertical images.

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2. Share on specific boards with keywords

If you want to have a board where it has all your blog posts, that's great, but you also need to have keyword specific boards. Using blog categories could be one great way to divide up Pinterest boards.

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3. Post 5-30 times per day

You can definitely get away with posting more content on Pinterest than you can with Facebook, Instagram, or many other platforms. Spread pins out throughout the day though.

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4. Post more in the evenings

The evenings, specifically after 8:00 PM tend to be the best times to post for optimal engagement on Pinterest.

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5. Save your best pins for the weekend

Another thing you'll find in that same study on CoSchedule is that posting on Saturday and Sunday is when you will get the most engagement on Pinterest.



6. Post more quotes

Quotes do well on pretty much every social platform and Pinterest is no different.

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7. Post more infographics

Infographics are basically built for Pinterest. With the long skinny image formats and the type of audience that is typically on Pinterest, infographics have become one of the most shared forms of content on there.

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8. Use text on images

If you look at top Pinterest accounts, you will usually notice a trend towards images with some form of text in them. Blog post images with the title in them, quotes, and infographics are examples.



9. Delete pins that don’t perform well

Believe it or not, pins that don't perform well could drag down your future pins. When you have lots of pins with no engagement, it basically tells Pinterest's algorithm that your future pins aren't worth showing to people.

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