Here are 3 online jobs that pay $20-$43/hour, let you make your own schedule and work from anywhere worldwide!


At Cambridge, you get paid $20-$25/hour for proofreading and editing academic papers, business communications, and more.

You can have a flexible schedule and get paid twice per month via PayPal or direct deposit.

There's no interview required, but you do need a degree.

They also hire worldwide.


With Studypool, you can get paid to do tutoring online for all sorts of different academic subjects.

You can basically send a message to someone who posted a question and get paid for answering it.

Studypool claims you can make up to $7500/month doing this.

Its top earners seem to make almost $100k/year!

You also get paid via PayPal, can apply worldwide, and don't necessarily need teaching experience.

Also, you can work whenever you want!


At Blend, you can get paid to do translation and voice acting work worldwide.

There is no interview, and you can make your own schedule.

Estimates say you can earn up to $34/hour.

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