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Alternative Investments:

What are some of the other common investments people make and how much do they pay?

Savings Account

These aren't really investments, but a way to get a little interest on your money.

These average .16%/year according to Bankrate.


According to SoFi, the average return from 2017 to 2021 for the S&P 500 was 17.04%.


Between 2010 and 2021, Bitcoin had an average annual return of 1,576%, according to GoodFinancialCents.com.


According to Bankrate, the average annual return on 1 year CDs is 1.23%.

REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)

According to Motley Fool, REITs have averaged around 10-15% in annual return between 1994 and 2019.

What I Do Instead

I've invested in a crypto called DRIP.

But, I didn't just invest in it, I staked money into what is called the DRIP Faucet.


Because this way I grow my shares by 1% per day and get paid dividends, instead of just relying on the price to go up to make money.

How much you can earn

This way, if I do nothing, my initial investment would earn 365% in a year if I did nothing and the price stayed the same.

But, even better, I can compound the daily 1% dividend back in and get 1% of a larger and larger sum each day.

By doing this, I can earn 3,153.6% after fees in a year if the price just stayed the same.

Protection against the downside

So, you're more protected against the downside because you are multiplying your shares and a slight drop won't affect you as much.

This is because if the price went down a little, you would still be earning more and more shares.

Maximizing the upside

You also maximize the upside this way by having more shares than you started with when the price goes up in the future.

Stabilizing the price

This also can help stabilize the price.

As more people invest by staking in the Faucet instead of just buying a certain amount of DRIP like you Bitcoin or something else, it locks in more capital long term and prevents more big selloffs that are what lead to price drops.

The Risk

The price could go to $0 or the crypto goes under and you lose $100.

Can you afford to lose $100 to potentially make 6 or 7 figures in the future?

That's up to you.

And if you can't, why would you be reading this?

The Reward

Not only could you earn between 365% and 3,153.61% in a year if the price even just stays the same, but you could earn A LOT more if the price goes up even a little bit.

Why the Dip in Price?

Obviously, if you want to buy the dip of any crypto, stock, etc., you need to know why there is a dip in the first place.

Here are the reasons the DRIP price has been down:

  • All eyes were on Animal Farm launch (Animal Farm is another part of the network crypto that DRIP is apart of).
  • People sold DRIP to buy PIGS & DOGS (part of the Animal Farm)
  • Development team was completely focused on launching Animal Farm and making sure everything was perfect. (All core AF stuff finished 12/8/22)
  • A bad economy has affected all investing.
  • There has been a bear market for crypto in general for pretty much all of 2022.
  • The holidays have potentially impacted the amount of money people have available for investing.
  • People didn’t have enough money to invest in both AF and DRIP, so they sold DRIP to invest in AF.
  • The average person might freak out when the price starts going down on any investment.

So, now that I've explained why the price has been down, you'll want to know why it would go back up.

Why DRIP Would Increase in Price

You don't want to just buy low on something unless it has a lot of potentially value in the present and future.

Here's why DRIP should go back up in price in the near future:

  • There's a strong community of people that fully support DRIP and the entire ecosystem it is apart of.
  • The founder, Forex Shark, has a strong track record with past and present DeFi projects.
  • There is now a big marketing budget and partnership with major connections to drive more new investors to the platform.
  • Many big updates are coming to add utility, legitimacy, and ease of purchasing DRIP.
  • DRIP has a strong track record of paying 1% yield daily for over a year now.
  • Just look at the roadmap and you will see lots of DRIP and other ecosystem improvements on the horizon.
  • There should be a trickle down effect from DRIP/BUSD farm in Animal Farm (You can actually farm the other crypto tokens that are doing extremely well by using DRIP).
  • Attention is about to shift back to DRIP (We're about 3-4 weeks away from many major DRIP Faucet updates being fully developed).

What Are You Trying to Do?

Most people will tell you that you have to have money to make money investing right?

So, investing $100 normally won't get you much of anything.

The only way it would is if you got lucky and the price of something you got cheap went crazy high like Bitcoin did or you do something like DRIP where you multiply your share through compound interest.

Other than that, traditional forms of investing won't get you much for $100.

Learn more about DRIP & the Faucet here.

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