• Promo videos going on the landing page for Animal Farm V3
  • Pitch Deck for influencers will be ready soon 
  • Animal Farm V3 Dog Pound NFT migration and then full V3 Migration soon after starting next week?
  • After V3, Scratchy Testing, Gaming platform, Superchats, R34P DAO/mini DAO, website and DAO raises

Drip Drop Draw

  • DDD still in the next week, latest development done after some issues in testing, about to do final tests
  • For DDD, there are two remaining tasks on the list, both of which will be completed today.
  • Full testing is scheduled for tonight.
  • DDD Rounds occur at specific times: Noon, 4pm, 8pm, Midnight, 4am, and 8am every day.
  • The final tasks involve testing the UI, conducting an overall comprehensive test, and performing a stress test on the entire system.
  • Influencers are required to purchase a ticket to receive each referral ticket. Their participation in the round is necessary to be eligible to win. This approach also ensures their engagement for the entire 24 hours of DDD rounds.
  • Influencers have a 24-hour window to purchase their referral tickets.
  • The ability to use allowed slippage when purchasing DDD tickets with BUSD and BNB is being added.

Animal Farm

  • V3 Migration will begin next week, giving us the first-mover advantage on PCS V3 Liquidity Pools NFT update.
  • Forex aims to be the first to move on AF V3, regardless of whether DDD is released or not
  • Animal Farm will generate the highest yield by implementing V3 now, as no one else is optimizing liquidity and using custom contracts for MasterChef NFTs created by Forex.
  • Animal Farm users will have three options to optimize their liquidity: low, medium, and high speculative risk options, all with low security risks.
  • Low-risk option offers low impermanent loss and lower APYs (e.g., 600% APY), while high-risk option provides higher APYs (e.g., 1200% APY) with a higher risk of impermanent loss and more volatility on PCS.
  • There might be limitations on pool deposits depending on the day and required slippage, with a potential daily user limit of 80k
  • A contract was developed to enable staking of our DRIP/BUSD LPs, where you provide the LP and receive payouts in BUSD. The contract locks the DRIP you initially staked in the tax vault and utilizes a portion of the BUSD to repurchase DRIP tokens.
  • It will offer a variable APY and you will need to deposit new capital to compound

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