Wanna make a little extra cash on the side just by answering some questions?

Instead of doing surveys that might pay $1-$5 each, try some of the focus groups that average around $100 per hour of your time.


At Respondent, you can earn $20-$400/hour ($120/hour avg.) participating in focus groups.

These gigs are mostly remote and, luckily, not city specific.

They also have a referral program that pays $50 per referral if the person you referred participates in a study.


Another place where you can find these gigs is at WatchLAB.

Here you can make $60-$150/hour (avg. $100/hour).

What's also nice about WatchLAB is you can get started as a teenager as young as 16 years old.

Usually these studies are city-specific, but many can still be done at home.

Updates for these gigs can be found on their Facebook page here.


Another focus group organization is Focuscope.

Here, you can earn $75-$250/hour ($100 avg. payout).

These focus groups are also usually city-specific, but most studies are remote.

Focuscope also likes to post their opportunities to a Facebook page that you can find here.


A different type of site where you can find focus groups and surveys is FindFocusGroups.com.

This is actually a focus group jobs board.

Here, you can find surveys, focus groups, etc. that usually pay $65-$160/hour ($100/hour avg).

But, you'll also find some that pay $350, $450, or even $600 as well.

Many of these are also remote and can be done nationwide in the U.S.

Make Around $100/Hour Answering Questions with Focus Groups

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