Here are 5 websites that pay you $100/hour to do surveys!

1. Respondent

At Respondent, you can earn $20-$400/hour ($120/hour avg.) participating in focus groups.

These gigs are mostly remote and, luckily, not city specific.

They also have a referral program that pays $50 per referral if the person you referred participates in a study.

2. WatchLAB

Another place where you can find these gigs is at WatchLAB.

Here you can make $60-$150/hour (avg. $100/hour).

What's also nice about WatchLAB is you can get started as a teenager as young as 16 years old.

Usually these studies are city-specific, but many can still be done at home.

Updates for these gigs can be found on their Facebook page here.

3. Focuscope

Another focus group organization is Focuscope.

Here, you can earn $75-$250/hour ($100 avg. payout).

These focus groups are also usually city-specific, but most studies are remote.

Focuscope also likes to post their opportunities to a Facebook page that you can find here.


A different type of site where you can find focus groups and surveys is

This is actually a focus group jobs board.

Here, you can find surveys, focus groups, etc. that usually pay $65-$160/hour ($100/hour avg).

But, you'll also find some that pay $350, $450, or even $600 as well.

Many of these are also remote and can be done nationwide in the U.S.

5. User Interviews

Another place to make money doing surveys is at User Interviews.

Here, you can find all sorts of paid surveys including in-person, online, over the phone, 1-on1, focus groups, multi-day studies, and more.

I've seen surveys paying as much as $600 here!

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